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This is where we keep track of reported and fixed bugs and feature
requests, mostly for bragging rights at the end of the project:
- Krasimir Angelov reported these two bugs 2004-02-04:
* "The PrimQuery imports List module instead of
Data.List which make HaskellDB dependent from
Haskell98 package. In the haskelldb.pkg script the
Haskell98 package is not added in the dependency list.
The package works well with modified PrimQuery where
the List is replaced with Data.List."
* "In the makefile the ghc-pkg tool is called with
-g option to autogenerate library for GHCi. The
trouble here is that if there already exist HShdb.o
object then the tool ignores the option. The work
arround which I use in HSQL is to remove HShdb.o from
the GHC directory before the install phase."
Bjorn fixed these bugs on 2004-02-04.
- shapr reported a bug in Dbdirect 2004-02-07. For some reason DbDirect
didn't generate Tables that had a Maybe type for String, it just made them
String. Chucky fixed this on 2004-02-08
- shapr reported a bug in Dbdirect 2004-02-11, where a Table and a Field,
if they had the same name, would clash in the generated file. Chucky
fixed this on 2004-02-17
- viblo reported 2004-02-18 that top and topPercent produce invalid
SQL. Bjorn fixed top and removed topPercent on 2004-02-22.
- viblo reported 2004-02-18 that union produces invalid SQL. Bjorn
fixed this on 2004-02-22.
- Jeremy Shaw (stepcut), reported 2004-02-29 that dates were not
formatted correctly, and were not quoted (e.g. 2004-February-27
12:0:0). Bjorn had already fixed this problem 2004-02-26.
- viblo reported a memory leak of about 10k per query on 2004-02-18?.
Bjorn patched HSQL 2004-02-28 to fix it.
- Bjorn found 2004-02-26 that HSQL didn't handle DECIMAL fields as
Doubles. Bjorn fixed that 2004-02-26.
- We all thought that {odbc,mysql,postgresql}Connect should take
a Database argument instead of a HSQL argument. This would allow
more general type signatures in user code. Bjorn fixed that 2004-03-06.
- Jeremy Shaw (stepcut), suggested on 2004-02-24 that there should
be Show and Read instances for database records. This is useful
for saving state in for example WASH. Bjorn fixed that 2004-03-06.
- Jeremy Shaw (stepcut), submitted patches on 2004-03-06 adding SQLite
support and fixing the distclean target. The were added to CVS
the same day.
- Shae Erisson (shapr) reported on 2004-03-22 that the HSQL driver
only catches SqlErrors in connect. Should do it for each call.
Bjorn fixed this in the HSQL and WX drivers on 2004-03-22.
- Shae Erisson (shapr) discovered on 2004-03-24 that there is no way
to use a nullable expression with many of the functions (e.g. like).
Bjorn fxed this by adding fromNull on 2004-03-24.
- viblo reported that using aggregate functions outside of
project (e.g. in restrict) generates invalid SQL. Bjorn
changed the type system to make this impossible on 2004-04-07.
- Jeremy Shaw (stepcut) requested support for default values and auto
increment columns on 2004-03-16. Bjorn added this on 2004-04-07.
- Thomas Bevan reported on 2004-03-16 that joins without a restrict
generate SQL that uses non-existing field names. This was an
optimization bug that Bjorn fixed on 2004-04-08.
- Bjorn found on 2004-04-07 that queries without a table created an
empty query. This was an optimization bug that Bjorn fixed on
- The name of the DBInfo generated by DBDirect for a database
is not converted to have an intial lower case letter if the
user gives a name with an uppercase letter on the command line.
Reported by Tom Moertel (tmoertel) on 2004-04-27. Fixed
by Chucky on 2004-04-29.