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HaskellDB 0.9: 2004-08-19
- HaskellDB is no longer an auto-package, since this would turn on
glasgow-exts even for programs that don't use HaskellDB.
- Fixed various character escaping issues. There are still some
problems with escaping for SQLite.
- Exposed dbInfoToModuleFiles for creating database description
modules from a DBInfo.
- Added <<- operator to make creating constant records for insert
- Added _length query operator for getting the length of a string.
- Made record implementation more general.
- Lots of smaller fixes to code and documentation.
HaskellDB Improved accepted to Haskell Workshop 2004: 2004-07-05
The paper "HaskellDB Improved" has been accepted for publication as a
Student Paper as Haskell Workshop 2004.
HaskellDB 0.8: 2004-05-04
- Improved compatibility with Microsoft Access
- Internal restructuring of code
- DBDirect generated files are now cleaner and more portable across
HaskellDB versions
- More test programs
HaskellDB 0.7: 2004-03-31
- Added functions for creating and dropping tables and databases.
Too be improved in future releases.
- Support for wxHaskell when using GHC.
- Support for SQLite, thanks to a patch from Jeremy Shaw.
- Overloaded (!) can be used for both (!) and (!.).
- Compiling for Hugs does not require GHC.
- Added function for converting from nullable types. Suggested by Shae Erisson.
- Added case construct.
- A GenericConnect is now available. Uses similar syntax to DBDirect.
- Backend interface changed to make function types backend independent.
- Queries now return records instead of backend specific types.
HaskellDB 0.6: 2004-03-03
- Bounded lists and bounded strings.
- Vastly increased performance. On reasonably modern computers, I/O is now
the limiting factor when doing database operations.
- Transactions are now supported.
- Some error messages (esp. some type errors) are easier to understand.
- Better documentation.
- Many, many bug fixes.
HaskellDB 0.5, changes from Daan Leijen's HaskellDB: 2003-01-04
- Support for both GHC and Hugs.
- Redesigned type system to remove dependency on Typed Record Extensions.
- Uses HSQL to access ODBC, MySQL and PostgreSQL databases.
- Fixed various bugs.
- Haddock documentation.
- Uses standard library where possible.
- Metadata functions have been added.
- Dbdirect now uses metadata functions to generate database info.
- Dbdirect produces files in a new format.
- Proper build system (using autoconf/configure/GNU make).
- Uses new notation compared to Leijen's HaskellDB.
- Two old HaskellDB functions have been changed. The old insert is now
insertQuery. The old insertNew is now insert.
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