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Things that need to be done, in no particular order:
- Code:
* Handle dates correctly.
- Handle dates before 1970.
- Distinguish between date / time / date & time.
* Overload operators so that when they take a maybe, they always
return maybe, i.e. .<. may give NULL when one of the arguments
is NULL. Suggested by eivuokko.
* Support like, cat etc. on nullable arguments.
* Support all SQL datatypes
* make SQL generation tweakable by the DB driver, since different
DBs have different SQL syntax, for example TOP / LIMIT.
Added by Bjorn, suggested by Shae Erisson.
* Figure out some intutive way of doing grouping.
* Fix semantics of lazyQuery.
* Fix table alias clashes with binary relops.
* Allow using queries in expressions.
* Change types of aggregate expressions that can return NULL when the
table is empty to reflect the nullability.
* Fix typing bug where update does not check that all fields are in the
table (probably by adding a subtyping relation on records).
(* strictness checking. In other words: optimize the code to sort out what
types and expressions are evaluated strictly, and explicitly tell the
compiler that they are strict)
(* maybe make it work on multi-processor systems using Concurrent Haskell?)
(* try to compile with nhc98. It would be nice to support all three
available Haskell compilers)
(* Add features for modifying tables /Added by Bjorn,
suggested by Shae Erisson)
(* use template haskell to compile queries to SQL at compile time
/Added by Bjorn, thanks to Anders Carlsson for inspiration )
- DbDirect
* Set sensible default values for all NOT NULL columns.
(* add optional command line argument for selecting which
tables to generate code for)
- Installation
* Install targets should install DbDirect and the documentation.
* Packages (separate binary packages for Hugs and GHC?))
- Source tarball
- Linux binary and source RPMs (debs, ebuild?)
- Windows installer (MSI?)
- Build system
- Database drivers
* Add more drivers:
- Oracle (
* wxHaskell:
- Figure out how to handle wrapping wxHaskell execute calls
in transactions intelligently.
- Make dbQuery lazy.
- Make it work in Hugs.
* SQLite:
- Make SQLite report more useful types. Make HSQL parse the original
create query from the meta-table?
- Documentation
* Haddock comments on all exported functions, classes and types
* Tutorial
* Example programs
- Testing
* Test on Windows, Solaris, Linux, Mac OS X
* Test against different DB systems, at least MySQL, PostgreSQL,
* Test under GHC and Hugs
* Test all functions
* Test all datatypes
* Test NULL and NOT NULL fields
- Misc
* Get an allocated name in the hierarchical library namespace