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WHERE clause not bracketed correctly #14

tomjaguarpaw opened this Issue Jun 23, 2013 · 1 comment


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In line 76 of Sql/Print.hs there is

intersperse (text "AND") (map ppSqlExpr es)

This leads to incorrect bracketing of the WHERE clause. For example I had the condition

  • job_table.person_id = 101 OR job_table.person_id = 102 (for restriction)
  • location.id = job_table.id_location (for joining)

and the generated SQL was

WHERE job_table.person_id = 101
      OR job_table.person_id = 102 AND location.id = job_table.id_location

which associates to

WHERE job_table.person_id = 101
      OR (job_table.person_id = 102 AND location.id = job_table.id_location)

Not what I wanted! I "fixed" it with this change

diff --git a/src/Database/HaskellDB/Sql/Print.hs b/src/Database/HaskellDB/Sql/Print.hs
index 9f9d6fc..522dcb8 100644
--- a/src/Database/HaskellDB/Sql/Print.hs
+++ b/src/Database/HaskellDB/Sql/Print.hs
@@ -71,7 +71,8 @@ ppTables ts = text "FROM" <+> commaV ppTable (zipWith tableAlias [1..] ts)
 ppWhere :: [SqlExpr] -> Doc
 ppWhere [] = empty
 ppWhere es = text "WHERE" 
-             <+> hsep (intersperse (text "AND") (map ppSqlExpr es))
+             <+> hsep (intersperse (text "AND")
+                       (map ((text "(" <>) . (<> text ")") . ppSqlExpr) es))

 ppGroupBy :: Mark -> Doc
 ppGroupBy All = error "Should not ever print GroupBy all."

but I don't know where the actual bug is considered to be. Perhaps ppWhere is being fed the wrong arguments.

Fixed by 34ee824

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