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Running multiple Postman Collection in parallel

A known limitation of the Postman Collection Runner is that it can only execute collection in a consecutive way.

This project is a simple implementation of the solution explained in this StackOverflow conversation.

Recent changes

Added a new postman collection that call for a public api: so the project can be run right away after checkout.

Create your Postman Collection and corresponding tests

Here I needed to attack first /api/persons to get the list of persons ids.

Test of /api/persons

And then /api/persons/:id for each person in the list.

Test of /api/persons/:id

To do that I used the postman.setNextRequest() tricks that specify the next request that will be executed in the collection run. And in each run I get the last personId and pop() it from the array in environment variables.

Export your collection and the environment variables

Export collection

And save the files in a postman/ directory.

Create the new npm project

Simply run npm init -y and install the 3 dependencies: npm i async newman path

The script !

It's kind of self explanatory, update the path for your postman collection and environment, specify the number of concurrent run you want to launch with the constant PARALLEL_RUN_COUNT and execute the script with npm start

running results


Simple node function to run multiple postman collection in parallel






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