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Slidecontrol Logo

⚠ slidecontrol is still work in progress, hence there might be some bugs present ⚠
SLIDECONTROL is a PWA and Chrome Extension which allows you to control your slides!
<coded/> with ❀︎ and β˜• by Marius Niveri

Getting started πŸš€

Slidecontrol's extension is available in the Chrome webstore or by installing it locally:

git clone
cd ./slidecontrol/slide-control-extension
npm install
npm run build

This builds the extension into the folder /slide-control-extension/build which can then be added by navigating to chrome://extensions and clicking Load unpacked.

Following the steps after installing the extension will lead you to our PWA (/slide-control-pwa), available at

Screenshot of slidecontrols homescreen

Contributing 😊

To contribute to the PWA just run this:

git clone
cd ./slidecontrol/slide-control-pwa
npm install
npm run start

And to help improving the extension you can install it locally as descrived above.

And finally to run the WebSocket on your machine you can just cd into it and run it:

git clone
cd ./slidecontrol/slide-control-server
npm install
node server.js

In order to connect to it with the PWA and/or extension you need to head into their options and enter your IP (or just wss://localhost:PORT) and everything should work out perfectly.

Screenshots πŸ“Έ

Slidecontrol has a build in QR-Scanner to connect to your presentation. Screenshot of slidecontrols QR-Scanner The speakers notes are synced on your phone as well. Screenshot of slidecontrols controller Finally there's also a laser-pointer which is controllable from the app. Screenshot of slidecontrols controller


Slidecontrol enables you to control your slides with your phone πŸ“±





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