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A DataMapper and database abstraction for PHP



A DataMapper and database abstraction for PHP.



  • PHP > 5.2
  • Appropriate database extension


Currently, PHPUnit does not support passing parameters by reference to a mocked method. This means that some test-cases will fail under a vanilla PHPUnit installation. Instead of the standard 3.4 version of PHPUnit I recommend using a modified version which can be found here:

  • PHPUnit 3.4 or later
  • PHP > 5.2

Loading of files

RapidDataMapper is trying to use the file organization which is also used by many other PHP libraries; That is, convert all underscored (and namespace separators) in the class name to DIRECTORY_SEPARATOR. That means the class Db_Driver_Mysql_Connection is located in the file Db/Driver/Mysql/Connection.php.

RapidDataMapper includes an autoloder which will autoload the library files, relative to the library root. This autoloader is not automatically initialized, as some frameworks or users already utilizes a compatible autoloader, so you have to call its initializing method:

// load the library file
require 'lib/Db.php';

// init the autoloader packaged with the library

The mapping from class name to file name is made like this:

$file = self::$lib_base . str_replace('_', DIRECTORY_SEPARATOR, $class).'.php';

Running the tests

  1. Make sure that the tests directory is placed in the same directory as the lib folder.
  2. Run the tests by executing "PHPUnit tests" in that directory

Building the API documentation

Requires PHPdocumentor.


make phpdoc

The api documentation will be placed in ./api

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