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A JIT compiler for Brainfuck running on x86_64 UEFI
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A JIT (Just-In-Time) compiler for Brainfuck programming language running solely on x86_64 UEFI (Universal Extensible Firmware Interface).

Screenshot of uefi-jitfuck inside UEFI Shell

The Lost Kingdom by Jon Ripley - over 2-megabyte adventure text game running inside UEFI Shell with uefi-jitfuck.



  • C Compiler, e.g. GCC as well as linker (ld)
  • GNU Make


Just execute:

$ make

in the project root directory. This will create bin/ directory with uefijitfuck.efi executable inside - this is the binary you want to run.


First, build the project or grab the executable from the Releases page and put it on your ESP (EFI System Partition) along with the programs you want to run. Then, there are several options:

  • Use your motherboard's built-in boot entry editor
  • Add a boot entry using efibootmgr
  • Use a UEFI Shell

If you don't want to run this on your UEFI directly, you can also use OVMF (UEFI firmware for QEMU/KVM).

The application requires one argument: the name of the file containing the Brainfuck program you want to run.

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