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RCS Build Aid Changelog

This document lists important changes between versions.

Version 0.9.1

Release date: 30/10/2016

  • fix plugin button.

Version 0.9

Release date: 11/10/2016

  • Update for KSP 1.2

Version 0.8.1

Release date: 27/07/2016

  • Fix vectors rendering behind rocket parts.

Version 0.8

Release date: 04/06/2016

  • Update for KSP 1.1.x.

  • Account toggling rotation/translation axis in RCS.

  • Account full throttle setting in RCS.

  • Account toggling rotation axis in rocket gimbals.

  • Move settings.cfg file to PluginData.

  • Match nomenclature in RCS’s settings (starboard instead of right, etc).

  • FIX: NRE spam when closing fairings while using RCSBA.

Version 0.7.7

Release date: 05/02/2016

  • New parachute mode.

Version 0.7.6

Release date: 19/12/2015

  • FIX: NREs.

  • FIX: RCS thrust limits weren’t accounted.

Version 0.7.5

Release date: 05/12/2015

  • FIX: The whole plugin.

Version 0.7.4

Release date: 02/12/2015

  • FIX: gimbal of Vector engine now points the right direction.

  • FIX: RCS were not working with gimbals if set.

  • FIX: marker forces were disabled if root part was removed and placed again.

Version 0.7.3

Release date: 12/11/2015

  • Add LICENSE file.

  • FIX: reduce arrow flickering when dragging the vessel.

  • FIX: RealFuels black magic.

Version 0.7.2

Release date: 16/06/2015

  • FIX: NRE in settings menu.

  • FIX: plugin enabling itself when switching editor’s screen.

Version 0.7.1

Release date: 01/06/2015

  • In engine mode, the green arrow is now proportional to TWR.

  • FIX: account resources flow state.

  • FIX: keyboard shortcuts again.

  • FIX: account fairings mass.

Version 0.7

Release date: 16/05/2015

  • Update for KSP 1.0.2

  • Add Vac/ASL toggle for use vacuum or at sea level thrust in engine mode.

  • Remove DCoM offset readout, never used it.

  • FIX: add mass of physicsless parts to its parent’s CoM.

  • FIX: account gimbal’s limit tweakable.

  • FIX: rocket’s and jet’s thrust wasn’t right.

  • FIX: keybindings catching editor’s rotate shortcuts.

  • FIX: disable RCSBA when the editor disables the CoM marker.

Version 0.6.1

Release date: 19/02/2015

  • Allow using RCS together with gimbals.

  • FIX: NRE with real fuel mods.

Version 0.6

Release date: 08/02/2015

  • You can now move gimbals in Engine mode.

  • Scale CoM markers depending of the distance of the camera.

  • FIX: update reference transform when the root part changes.

Version 0.5.5

Release date: 19/01/2015

  • Add configurable keyboard shortcut for toggle RCSBA (see settings panel).

  • FIX: not detecting modules that subclass from stock modules.

  • FIX: KSP will hang if settings.cfg is empty.

  • FIX: use ModuleRCS.rcsEnabled instead of ModuleRCS.isEnabled.

Version 0.5.4

Release date: 19/12/2014

  • KSP 0.90 compatibility fix.

Version 0.5.3

Release date: 17/12/2014

  • KSP 0.90 compatibility fix.

  • Fix AppLauncher duplication bug.

  • Add next/previous buttons for change modes.

Version 0.5.2

Release date: 20/10/2014

  • Add Application Launcher button.

  • Fix engines with minimal thrust different than zero (KW solid rockets).

  • Add celestial body selection list for get TWR readings for places other than Kerbin.

  • Add settings menu.

Version 0.5.1

Release date: 08/10/2014

  • Recompile for KSP 0.25.

Version 0.5

Release date: 08/08/2014

  • GUI revamp.

  • Disable plugin when editing crew/actions.

  • Editor CoM toggle button now toggles all markers (when using the toolbar).

  • Update RCS math (changed in 0.24.1).

  • Added .version file.

  • Readme rewrite.

Version 0.4.6

Release date: 17/04/2014

  • FIX: RCS dV reading not showing in 0.23.5

  • FIX: new massless parts weren’t recognized as such.

  • Marker scaling for the CoT and CoL markers.

Version 0.4.5

Release date: 14/03/2014

  • The circular arrow now is proportional to the expected angular acceleration instead of torque.

  • The coordinate system is now referenced to the vessel.

  • Use Windows line endings in text files, so Windows users doesn’t have to ditch their beloved notepad (source files unchanged).

  • Workaround for engines of outdated mods.

Version 0.4.4

Release date: 18/01/2014

  • ACoM marker, average center of mass.

  • Support for engines using ModuleEnginesFX.

  • Pick extra RCS parameters that mods might make tweakables.

  • Reverted change that made arrows solid.

Version 0.4.3

Release date: 06/01/2014

  • Support for blizzy78’s toolbar.

  • Hide dV readout when it isn’t accurate (like with modded RCS).

  • FIX: torque calculation in rotation mode wasn’t correct.

Version 0.4.2

Release date: 01/01/2014

  • RAPIER support.

  • Delta V and burn time readout for RCS (because I could).

  • TWR readout for engines.

  • Added slider for change the scale of CoM markers.

  • Set to ignore all ladders as they incorrectly show mass in the editor, much like landing gears.

Version 0.4.1

Release date: 24/12/13

  • KSP 0.23 fixes.

  • Account tweakables in fuel tanks and engines.

  • Ignore the mass of landing gear and launch clamps, in both DCoM and CoM.

  • Dynamic list of resources in mass window.

Version 0.4

Release date: 19/10/13

  • GUI added.

  • Show magnitudes of torque, translation and other information.

  • Some resource options for DCoM marker.

  • Option for hide CoM/DCoM markers.

  • Removed M and P keybinds.

  • FIX: translation keybindings should match the correct direction in VAB. (they won’t match in SPH)

  • FIX: the plugin could cause important fps drops while in VAB/SPH.

Version 0.3.2

Release date: 30/08/2013

  • Basic engine support, enable with the P key.

  • Use translation keybindings from game settings (M and P keys are still hardcoded).

Version 0.3.1

Release date: 07/08/2013

  • FIX: DCoM disabled permanently after deactivating CoM.

Version 0.3

Release date: 06/08/2013

  • Dry Center of Mass (DCoM).

  • Better torque indicator.

  • Don’t scale CoM markers.

  • Warning message for when there are no RCS thrusters.

Version 0.2

Release date: 24/06/2013

  • An indication to where your translation or torque vector should be pointing.

  • Rotation mode, for balance rotation.

  • Don’t use the space bar anymore, but the hnjkli keys.

  • FIX: Occasional doubling or disappearance of arrows.

  • FIX: Incorrect placement of RCS forces (Evident in mods such as B9).

  • FIX: Forces changing magnitude while dragging the vehicle.

  • FIX: Do not calculate forces with disconnected parts.

Version 0.1

Release date: 15/06/2013

  • Initial release.

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