a stylistic tweak of hn with all the function and most of the charm
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An aesthetic revision of hn with all the function and most of the charm.

One day it struck me that it wouldn't take much to make HN look a lot better. Its simplicity is supremely functional, but sometimes its 90s-era charm feels a bit stale.

So I made a stylesheet to retain the charm of the original site while smoothing out some of its rougher edge.

what it does

Changes made include:

  • Background color is uniform throughout page.
  • Font changed to Lato throughout, Raleway for numbers.
  • Added spacing to top navigation bar.
  • Removed logo border to better fit the space.
  • Replaced up-vote button image, so it's sharp regardless of screen resolution.
  • Added spacing around up-vote button.
  • Added spacing between posts.
  • Nicer "More" button at page bottom.

Side-by-side comparison:

how to use it

You can simply copy & paste the CSS in this repository into a new Stylish style applied to "news.ycombinator.com". Stylish is available for Firefox and Chrome. Check out their homepage here...there are lots of other custom styles available there for many other websites.