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Schematic difference

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This document will introduct the difference between those cores(i.e. M5Core Basic(the Black one), M5Core GRAY(the Gray one), M5Fire(the Red one), M5Core WHITE, M5Stick White, M5Stick Gray)

Currently, we have 4 kinds of M5Cores and two minicores(named M5Stick). They are simliar to each other.

Be careful, the early version of M5Fire was built in MPU6050 + MAG3110, but we change MPU6050 + MAG3110 to MPU9250.

IIC Address

MPU9250: 0x68

IP5360: 0x0E


The following figure shows the main difference.

If you want to view the whole resource about cores, please click here.

If you want to download this detailed comparison table about cores, please click here.

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