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These few lines of code support building and testing PHP extensions on Travis-CI.


First, we'll add this repo to our extension as submodule:

git submodule add -n travis-pecl travis/pecl
git submodule update --init

Let's build a .travis.ymlby example. We'll use a simple PHP script, e.g. gen_travis_yml.php, which will generate the configuration for us:

#!/usr/bin/env php
# file generated by gen_travis_yml.php, do not edit!

# use the container infrastructure
sudo: false

# we want to build a C library
language: c

# use the system's PHP to run this script
      - php5-cli
      - php-pear

# now we'll specify the build matrix environment

# instantiate the generator
$gen = include "travis/pecl/gen-matrix.php";

# generate the matrix
$env = $gen([
  # the latest releases of minor versions we want to build against
  "PHP" => ["5.4", "5.5", "5.6"],
  # test debug and non-debug builds
  # test threadsafe and non-threadsafe builds
  # test with ext/json enabled an disabled
  # always build with iconv support
  "with_iconv" => ["yes"],

# output the build matrix
foreach ($env as $e) {
  printf("  - %s\n", $e);


  # build the matrix' PHP version
  - make -f travis/pecl/Makefile php
  # build the extension, the PECL variable expects the extension name 
  # and optionally the soname and a specific version of the extension
  # separeated by double colon, e.g. PECL=myext:ext:1.7.5
  - make -f travis/pecl/Makefile ext PECL=myext

  # run the PHPT test suite
  - make -f travis/pecl/Makefile test

That's it, more TBD.