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👾👾 Genymotion_ARM_Translation Please enjoy!
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🚀 Genymotion_ARM_Translation 🚀

Genymotion Translation

└── package

Android version mapping

Genymotion Can't install the APK solution:

  1. download Genymotion-ARM-Translation-for[v]
  2. Will download the toolkit drag and drop into the Genymotion directly,
  3. If failure
  1. adb shell
  2. cd /sdcard/Download/
  3. sh /system/bin/ /sdcard/Download/
  4. adb reboot
  1. Resetting the Emulator

Install Adb

  brew cask install android-platform-tools

Samples and Common Problems

  An error occured while deploying the file.
  This probably means that the app contains ARM native code and your Genymotion device cannot run ARM instructions. You should either build your native code to x86 or install an ARM translation tool in your device.
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