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Hi there!
This change adds the repository property to your package.json file(s). Having this available provides a number of benefits to security tooling. For example, it allows for greater trust by checking for signed commits, contributors to a release and validating history with the project. It also allows for comparison between the source code and the published artifact in order to detect attacks on authors during the publication process.
We validate that we're making a PR against the correct repository by comparing the metadata for the published artifact on []( against the metadata in the package.json file in the repository.
This change is provided by a team at Microsoft -- we're happy to answer any questions you may have. (Members of this team include [@s-tuli](, [@iarna](, [@rancyr](, [@jaydon Peng](, [@zhongpeng Zhou]( and [@jingying Gu]( If you would prefer that we not make these sorts of PRs to projects you maintain, please just say. If you'd like to learn more about what we're doing here, we've prepared a document talking about both this project and some of our other activities around supply chain security here: [microsoft/Secure-Supply-Chain](
This PR provides repository metadata for the following packages:
* babel-plugin-prismjs

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babel-plugin-prismjs Build Status

A babel plugin to use PrismJS with standard bundlers.

How to Use

This plugin allows you to treat PrismJS as a standard module and configure what languages, plugins, & themes you want to bundle with Prism.

In your code, import prismjs:

import Prism from 'prismjs';

// if you are intending to use Prism functions manually, you will need to set:
Prism.manual = true;


The exported Prism object will be the fully-configured Prism instance.


  • You must be using ES6 imports to load PrismJS.

Configuring the plugin

In your .babelrc, register the plugin and configure its dependencies:

  "plugins": [
    ["prismjs", {
        "languages": ["javascript", "css", "markup"],
        "plugins": ["line-numbers"],
        "theme": "twilight",
        "css": true

Each key are used as follows:

  • languages: Array of languages to include in the bundle or "all" to include all languages. Those languages can be found here.
  • plugins: Array of plugins to include in the bundle. Those plugins can be found here.
  • theme: Name of theme to include in the bundle. Themes can be found here.
  • css: Boolean indicating whether to include .css files in the result. Defaults to false. If true, imports will be added for .css files. Must be true in order for theme to work.