Introducing a jQuery tooltip plugin for control-obsessed designers.
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tooltipsy by Brian Cray

Lincensed under GPL2 -

Option quick reference:
- alignTo: "element" or "cursor" (Defaults to "element")
- offset: Tooltipsy distance from element or mouse cursor, dependent on alignTo setting. Set as array [x, y] (Defaults to [0, -1])
- content: HTML or text content of tooltip. Defaults to "" (empty string), which pulls content from target element's title attribute
- show: function(event, tooltip) to show the tooltip. Defaults to a show(100) effect
- hide: function(event, tooltip) to hide the tooltip. Defaults to a fadeOut(100) effect
- delay: A delay in milliseconds before showing a tooltip. Set to 0 for no delay. Defaults to 200
- css: object containing CSS properties and values. Defaults to {} to use stylesheet for styles
- className: DOM class for styling tooltips with CSS. Defaults to "tooltipsy"

More information visit