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Frontend technical exercise

The goal of this exercise is to give us an idea of how you solve frontend engineering problems. Don't worry if the tools bundled in this project scaffold aren't in your everyday toolbox. We're primarily evaluating:

  • Your ability to write idiomatic JavaScript.
  • Your approach to breaking down user interfaces into components.
  • Your comfort level with making API requests and working with responses.

Project requirements

Build a single page React application using the provided skeleton which allows a user to:

  • List all StarWars films showing title and release date and link to list all characters in the film
  • Each item in the characters list should link to a character profile
  • Arrange the available character info, employing basic rules of
    • information hierachy
    • contrast
    • typography
    • color

For data, you can use the SWAPI REST API or bonus points for using the new SWAPI GraphQL API and Apollo.

Check out the setup instructions for a guide to getting started with this project scaffold.