Tools for Elite:Dangerous

mEDI's Elite Tools

Tools for Elite:Dangerous

This app is under Heavy developend and not finished!


  • Live data update and import from many sources
  • Fast search
  • Fake Item Filter for not existig items (Pirate data entrys)
  • Ignore Item temporarily (ignored items are hidden until application restart) over route contextmenü
  • Multi Hop Route Finder
    • Clippord Helper (push next navi point to clipbord) start over route contextmenü
    • Current location and active route colored
    • Connect To Deals From To Finder to view all other deals
  • Deals From To Finder
    • Station To Station
    • Station To System
  • Commodities Finder
  • Shipyard Finder
  • Power Control Finder
  • Fly Log
    • Submit Distances Wizard for EDSM and EDSC (add easy and fast new systems) only avalibel inside a new system in contextmenü over the unknow system
  • Rares Finder
  • Profit Calculator
  • Outfitting Finder
  • Data Status (find outdated or missing data)

Data Sources


Deals And Mult Route screenshot

Multi Hop Route Finder

Multi Hop Route screenshot

Shipyard Finder

Shipyard Finder screenshot

Multi Window screenshot multiple open tools

Commodities Finder

Commodities Finder

Outfitting Finder

Outfitting Finder

Data Status

Data Status

Power Control Finder

Power Control Finder


  1. Select in Tools menü ur wanted tool
  2. Set Options and play with this
  3. Search ;)
  4. Right Mousebutton contextmenü have on some points usefull options


Windows Installer without DB Download Windows alpha build with DB Download

linux users get the sources and start it in console python requiered modules: PySide, py-dateutil, pyzmq



to get the current location enabel VerboseLogging

Open in a texteditor like notepad++

c:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\Elite Dangerous\Products\FORC-FDEV-D-1010\AppConfig.xml

search Network and set it to


and restart the game