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Music Interest Project

##What does this even do?

Its all kinds of nifty.

Here's how it works:

  1. The web portion is a website that allows users to host a 'sound lounge' and select a radius from that location.
  2. Then, phones with the SurroundSound Android app that connect to that 'sound lounge' automatically upload all of their music library (names, not files) to the server.
  3. Then the server churns out a playlist based on what genres people around seem to like
  4. And then the host computer plays the music
  5. All the while, the Android app has a list of the current playing song and a list of the next upcoming songs, and has the ability to upvote/downvote songs
  6. And the server automatically removes or bumps songs based on votes!


Disclaimer: This was made in Februrary 2013 and is totally not representative of how well we can code.

There is a lot of sloppy code in this, and this is due to the fact that we had 36 hours to make this AND this was a long time ago.

So look at the idea, and recognize that we actually got it to work.

We plan to go back to this and actually release it... Sometime.

##Who are you guys

We are University of Waterloo Engineering students.


Victor Vucicevich wrote the android side.

Victor has worked as an android dev all over the place, such as Kik, Rebellion, and Communitech



All the backend was done by an incredible hackathon team.

Michaela Farova

Michaela has worked all over such as Desire2Learn, the University of Waterloo, and Tangam Gaming as all kinds of developer

Valentin Tsatskin

Val has worked at Engagio, Desire2Learn, and Thalmic Labs

Adam Wootton

Adam has worked at AMD, Communitech, and Influitive


Adding heroku remote: heroku git:remote -a surroundsound