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Fast, light and customizable jQuery popup plugin.

Optionally, install via Bower: bower install m-popup , install via NPM: npm install m-popup Install via NuGet PM> Install-Package mPopup


Released under the MIT license -

Created by Balan Miroslav

Why should I use this popup?

  • Popup can contain images, video, or HTML content
  • Uses CSS transitions for slide animation ,native hardware acceleration
  • Small file size, fully themed, simple to implement
  • Browser support: Firefox, Chrome, Safari, iOS, Android, IE7+
  • Many configuration options

For complete documentation and examples, visit:

How to install

Step 1: Link required files

First and most important, the jQuery library needs to be included (Google cdn or local jQuery file). Next, download the package from github or install via Bower: bower install m-popup , install via NPM: npm install m-popup, and link the mPopup CSS file (for the theme) and the mPopup Javascript file.

<!-- jQuery library (served from Google) -->
<script src="//"></script>
<!-- mPopup Javascript file -->
<script src="/js/mPopup.jquery.min.js"></script>
<!-- mPopup CSS file -->
<link href="/lib/mPopup.css" rel="stylesheet">

Step 2: Create HTML markup

Create a <ul class="mPopup"> element, with any HTML content , in css have to show width and height of popup

<div class="mPopup">
    <!-- any HTML content -->
    /* popup css code */
    width: 60%;
    height: 300px;

Step 3: Call the mPopup

Call .mPopup() on <ul class="mPopup">. Note that the call must be made inside of a $(document).ready() call, or the plugin will not work!

    // generate popup
    var popup = $('.mPopup').mPopup();
    // open generated popup

##Configuration options


type Sets a fixed or absolute position for mPopup.

default : fixed
options : fixed , absolute

closeClass Class name to trigger closing of mPopup.

default : mPopup-close
options : string (class name)

closeOnOverlayClick Close mPopup when click on overlay.

default : true
options : boolean (true / false)

overlayClass Overlay class name.

default : mPopup-overlay
options : string (class name)

overlayFade Overlay with fade animation or just hide.

default : true
options : boolean (true / false)

animationType Animation type for popup on opening and closing.

default : fade
options : string (fade / slide) 

animationSpeed Speed of animation.

default : 400
options : (slow / fast) or integer 

positionElement Position popup relative to element.

default : null
options : jQuery object

typePositionObject Type position of element to align.

default : offset
options : (offset / position) 

modifyPosition Modification of current position of mPopup.

default : { top : 0, left : 0 }
options : Object 


open Manually opens a mPopup.


close Manually closes a mPopup.


recalculate-position Recalculate current position of mPopup.


destroy Destroy created popup.



onOpen Trigger on opening mPopup.

$('#popup').on('mPopop:open' = function (e) {
                   // do something...

onClose Trigger on closing mPopup.

$('#popup').on('mPopop:close' = function (e) {
                   // do something...


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