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Add a new API to mParticle!
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Sample Firehose Integration

This is a sample showing how to integrate mParticle into a new API, using the mParticle Java SDK over Amazon's Lambda platform. If you're looking to add a new API to mParticle, clone and use this repo as a starting point!


The project is instrumented for unit testing with JUnit, run the tests from a command line interface with:

./gradlew clean test
JDK Version

The mParticle Java SDK on which this project depends is compiled using JDK 1.8. This means that you must use JDK 1.8 to compile this project and execute the tests.

Registration JSON

When running the tests you will see output at the console containing the JSON result of your registration implementation:

jdoe-mac:firehose-sample jdoe$ ./gradlew clean test
:sample-extension:processResources UP-TO-DATE
:sample-extension:processTestResources UP-TO-DATE

com.mparticle.ext.sample.SampleExtensionTest > testProcessRegistrationRequest STANDARD_OUT

    Please send this JSON to mParticle:

    {"type":"module_registration_response","id":"2c5722e3-4537-4cf6-a3d0-1c0201b3a579","timestamp_ms":1457468552471,"sdk_version":"1.1.1","name":"Your Company Name","description":"A brief description of your company.","version":"1.0","permissions":{"user_identities":[{"type":"email","encoding":"raw","required":false},{"type":"customer","encoding":"raw","required":false}]},"event_processing_registration":{"account_settings":[{"type":"text","id":"apiKey","name":"API Key","description":"A short description of the purpose and usage of this setting.","visible":true,"required":true,"confidential":true}],"supported_event_types":["custom_event","push_subscription","push_message_receipt","user_attribute_change","user_identity_change"],"supported_runtime_environments":["android","ios"],"max_data_age_hours":24},"audience_processing_registration":{"account_settings":[{"type":"text","id":"apiKey","name":"API Key","description":"A short description of the purpose and usage of this setting.","visible":true,"required":true,"confidential":true}],"audience_subscription_settings":[{"type":"integer","id":"mailingListId","name":"Mailing List ID","visible":true,"required":false}]}}

When you have completed your registration function, execute the tests and send the JSON result to your mParticle Firehose project manager.


When you're ready to test and deploy your lambda function, you'll upload it in jar or zip form to your AWS console. Run the following to generate in the sample-extension/build/distributions directory:

./gradlew build
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