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Name Type Description Notes
brand String [optional]
product String [optional]
device String [optional]
androidUuid String [optional]
deviceManufacturer String [optional]
platform String [optional]
osVersion String [optional]
deviceModel String [optional]
screenHeight Number [optional]
screenWidth Number [optional]
screenDpi Number [optional]
deviceCountry String [optional]
localeLanguage String [optional]
localeCountry String [optional]
networkCountry String [optional]
networkCarrier String [optional]
networkCode String [optional]
networkMobileCountryCode String [optional]
timezoneOffset Number [optional]
buildIdentifier String [optional]
httpHeaderUserAgent String [optional]
iosAdvertisingId String [optional]
pushToken String [optional]
cpuArchitecture String [optional]
isTablet Boolean [optional]
pushNotificationSoundEnabled Boolean [optional]
pushNotificationVibrateEnabled Boolean [optional]
radioAccessTechnology String [optional]
supportsTelephony Boolean [optional]
hasNfc Boolean [optional]
bluetoothEnabled Boolean [optional]
bluetoothVersion String [optional]
attTimestampUnixtimeMS Number [optional]
attAuthorizationStatus String [optional]
iosIdfv String [optional]
androidAdvertisingId String [optional]

Enum: Platform

  • Unknown (value: "Unknown")

  • iOS (value: "iOS")

  • Android (value: "Android")

  • tvOS (value: "tvOS")