Java SDK for mParticle Firehose
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mParticle Java SDK

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A Java library for building and deploying third-party extensions for mParticle over Amazon's Lambda platform.

This library translates messages from the mParticle Firehose API into easy-to-use objects so that you can register and integrate your service with mParticle.

What is mParticle Firehose?

mParticle aims to allow our customers to send their data wherever they want it to go, and we integrate with many services across the mobile-app ecosystem in order to achieve that. mParticle Firehose is an API that lets anybody become one of our integration partners. Leveraging Amazon AWS's Lambda platform, mParticle will send your "lambda function" data as it comes into our system so that your function can then forward it along to your own API.



AWS Lambda Overview

Bugs and Feedback

For bugs, questions, etc., please use Github Issues.


Contributions welcome! Fork this repo and put up a PR - thanks!


Apache License 2.0