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Change Log
* Version 1.3
- Fixed MR-46 - VNC error : Only versions 3.3, 3.7, and 3.8 of the RFB Protocol are supported.
- Fixed MR-119 - Pink Tint when connecting using VNC
- Improved handling of RFB Host Protocol Version message.
* Version 1.2
- Rewrote keyboard handling code
* Version 1.1
- Added Scaled and ViewOnly get/set properties to RemoteDesktop control
- Fixed exception in RemoteDesktop control if the mouse is clicked outside of the remote screen area
- Corrected check for modifier keys
* Version 1.0
- Added ZRLE (Grégoire Pailler) using the BSD licensed zlib.NET version 1.04 (
- Added support for 8-bit colour depth (Grégoire Pailler)
- Added scaling (Grégoire Pailler)
- Added SetScalingMode() to switch at runtime from clipped to scaled and vice versa
- Added override to SendSpecialKeys() to allow explicit release (Grégoire Pailler)
- Added code signing so the control will work in VS.NET 2005/2008
- Added Desktop image property
- Added more overloads to Connect()
- Added FillRemoteClipboard() so local clipboard text can be sent to server for pasting
- Added ClipboardChanged event so clients can determine when remote clipboard data is available
- Fixed overflow bug when dealing with unsigned bytes
- Fixed bug when dragging windows to the bottom of the screen (Grégoire Pailler)
- Fixed bugs when connecting to Apple's OS X implementation of the VNC server ("RFB" 3.889)
- Fixed bug with clipboard and threading (Grégoire Pailler)
- General code clean-up to remove dead code
- Switched from NAnt to Visual Studio Solution file
- Updated C# example
- Created VB.NET example
* Version 0.9
- Added View Only mode
- Fixed CopyRect "ghosting" bug (Peter Wentworth)
- Fixed RemoteDesktop Select() bug (Edward Cooke)
- Added readonly RemoteDesktop.Hostname property (Edward Cooke)
- Fixed Alt/CTRL key handling in RemoteDesktop (Edward Cooke)
- Added NAnt build files
* Version 0.88.0
- Corrected RFB protocol bug in connection code (affected protocol 3.8 with NO password)
- Added buffers to reduce load on gc
- Removed redundant thread locking (all writes on same thread now)
- Refactored pixel reading code to improve speed
- Keyboard management code clean-up (
* Version 0.85.2
- Fixed bug in VncClient.Disconnect for UltraVNC so that it won't block on worker.Join(). (Simon Phillips)
* Version 0.85.1
- Fix DES password encryption so it will work under .NET Framework 2.0
* Version 0.85
- Added binary for .NET Framework 2.0
- Numerous coding and performance updates
- Added support for UltraVNC (server wrongly reports protocol version 3.6 instead of 3.3)
- Fixed tread termination code to poll more frequently when watching for updates
- Fixed Dispose and other memory related issues throughout code
- Added Connection State checking
- Fixed Mouse Pointer code to work properly in Design/Runtime modes
- Fixed NullReference bug in RemoteDesktop.OnPaint when control is not connected
- Fixed Disconnect bug so that client can close connection without crashing
- Fixed Connect bug where client had to call Connect in a form's Constructor
- Stopped requesting CORRE encoding due to bugs in various server implementations
- Added support for sending common Special Key combos (e.g., CTRL+ALT+DEL)
- Added support for Full Screen update requests in RemoteDesktop
* Version 0.8
- Initial release
- CoRRE contributed by Chuck Borgh and Matt Cyr