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1.76.3 Alpha 5 (2018-03-14):
#911: Csv exports sometimes do not include all fields
#807: Inheritance is sometimes turned on for nodes under root Connections node
1.76.2 Alpha 4 (2018-03-03):
#899: DoNotPlay is Case Sensitive in XML Serialization
1.76.1 Alpha 3 (2018-02-24):
#625: Added ability to import mRemoteNG formatted CSV files
#648: The port scan ping timeout is now configurable
Fixed a few Xml serialization bugs that would occur if boolean values weren't capitalized
1.76.0 Alpha 2 (2018-02-01):
#838: Added an option to lock toolbars
#836: Added a Read Only option for SQL connections
#829: Add option that fixes connecting to Azure instances with LoadBalanceInfo
#840: Fix theme loading issue in installer version
#800: Fixed issue with PuTTY sessions not showing some extended characters
Fixed a few toolbar layout issues
1.76.0 Alpha 1 (2017-12-08):
#799: Added option to save connections on every edit
#798: Added button to test SQL database connections on SQL options page
#784: Rearranged some settings in the Options pages to prevent overlap with some translations
#704: Portable version now saves settings in application directory
#671: Revamped UI theme system
#611: Added multi-ssh toolbar for sending commands to many SSH clients at once
#558: Connection tree now shows customizable icons instead of play/pause icon
#519: You can now import normal mRemoteNG files - they do not have to be exports
#504: Added Korean translation
#485: The Domain field is now visible/editable for connection with the IntApp protocol
#468: Default connection info Panel property is now saved
#429: Added Czech translation
#421: When a connection file cannot be loaded, we will now prompt for how to proceed rather than always exiting.
#338: Added option to filter connection tree when searching
#357: Updated GeckoFX to v45.45.0.32
#225: Added support for importing Remote Desktop Connection Manager v2.7 RDG files
#207: Can now specify a working directory for external tools
#197: Selecting a quick connect protocol will start a connection with that host
#184: Improve search to include description and hostname fields
#152: Added option "Show on Toolbar" to external tools
Added more logging/notifications options
#747: Fixed unnecessary "PuttySessions.Watcher.StartWatching" error message
#650: Fixed German translation typo
#639: Fixed Italian translation typo
#479: New connection tree nodes not starting in edit mode
#233: Fixed crash that can occur when disconnecting from VNC server
#195: Access to https with self-signed certificates not working
General Changes:
#797: Removed duplicate translation strings
#608: The Help -> Support Forum menu item now directs users to our Reddit community
#493: Changed backup file name time stamp to use local system time rather than UTC
Improved compatability between environments when building mRemoteNG from source
1.75.7012 (2017-12-01):
#814: Fixed bug that prevented reordering connections by dragging
#810: Official mRemoteNG builds will now be signed with a DigiCert certificate
#803: File path command line argument not working with network path
1.75.7011 (2017-11-07):
#778: Custom connection file path command line argument (/c) not working
#763: Sometimes minimizing folder causes connection tree to disappear
#761: Connections using external tools do not start (introduced in v1.75.7009)
#758: "Decryption failed" message when loading from SQL server
Fixed issues with /resetpanels and /resetpos command line arguments
Resolved bug where connection tree hotkeys would sometimes be disabled
1.75.7010 (2017-10-29):
#756: CustomConsPath always null
1.75.7009 (2017-10-28):
#676: Portable version ignores /cons param on first run
#675: Attempting to add new connection/folder does not work in some situations
#665: Can not add new connection or new folder in some situations
#658: Keep Port Scan tab open after import
#646: Exception after click on import port scan
#635: Updated PuTTYNG to 0.70
#610: mRemoteNG cannot start /crashes for some users on Windows server 2012 R2 server
#600: Missing horizontal scrollbar on Connections Panel
#596: Exception when launching external tool without a connection selected
#550: Sometimes double-clicking connection tree node began rename instead of connecting
#536: Prevented log file creation when writeLogFile option is not set
#529: Erratic Tree Selection when using SQL Database
#482: Default connection password not decrypted when loaded
#335: The Quick Connect Toolbar > Connection view does not show open connections with the play icon
#176: Unable to enter text in Quick Connect when SSH connection active
Minor error message correction
Minor code refactoring
NO.RELEASE (2017-06-15):
Fixed in previous releases:
#466: Installer still failing on Win7 for updates - v1.75.7005 (Hotifx 5)
#462: Remove no longer used files from portable version - v1.75.7003 (Hotfix 4)
1.75.7008 (2017-06-15):
#589: MSI doesn't update with newer PuTTYNG version that fixes #583 (Again, Sorry!)
Minor updates to the installer build
1.75.7007 (2017-06-14):
#583: SSH (PuTTYNG) Sessions are not properly integrated into the main mRemoteNG window (Sorry!)
1.75.7006 (2017-06-13):
#377: Use all space on About page
#527: Additional protections to avoid problems on update check in heavily firewalled environments
#530: Fixed issue where using External Tool on existing connection causes creation of 'New Connection' entry
#531: Update PuTTYNG to 0.69
#546: Quick Connect from notification area icon displays warning when clicking on a folder (see #334)
1.75.7005 (2017-04-27):
#410: Update PuTTYNG to 0.68
#434: Fix complier warnings CA1049 & CA2111
#442: Fixed issue loading PuTTY sessions that have spaces in the name
#502: Problems with ParentID for Duplicated Containers/Connections with SQL Connection Storage
#514: Expanded property not saved/loaded properly from SQL
#518: Exception when Importing File
General Changes:
Minor code cleanup/optimizations/null checks
1.75.7003 (2017-03-24):
#464: Resolved issue when importing a connections file while using SQL server feature
1.75.7002 (2017-03-10):
#448: Resolved issue with SQL saving
1.75.7001 (2017-03-10):
#408: Update SQL scripts
1.75 hotfix 1 (2017-03-06):
General Changes:
#437: Modify version numbering scheme
#422: Uncaught exception when clicking in connection tree whitespace
#312: Resolved KeePass auto-type issue
#427: Export does not respect filtering user/password/domain
1.75 (2017-03-01):
Known Issue:
File hash check will fail when updating from 1.75 Beta 1 to newer versions.
Exception will be: "MD5 Hashes didn't match!" for 1.75 Beta 1 - 1.75 RC1
#344 - Use SHA512 File Hashes to validate downloads (in the update mechanism & posted to the Downloads page)
Added Release Channels to the update check functionality allowing users to select one of 3 release channels for updates: Stable, Beta, Dev
#360: Help -> About, Version # is now selectable/copyable
#221: RDP: Optional disconnect after X number of minutes of inactivity
#369: Reset Layout Option Does Not Reset Notification Pane
#362: Invalid cast exception when using the Notification Area Icon minimize/restore
#334: Quick Connect displays warning when clicking on a folder
#325: When using a connection with an external app, results in opening the same external app continuously
#311: Import from Active Directory does not use machine's domain by default
#258: Rename Tab dialog - populate original name in dialog (1.72 functionality)
#211, #267: Recursive AD Import wasn't fully functional
General Changes:
The usual general code clean up and refactoring
#325: Code clean up and additional logging for External Tools based connections
#298: Code clean up and additional logging around application startup
#291, #236: External Tools code clean up and additional logging
1.75 Beta 3 (2016-12-01):
Known Issue:
Portable build MD5 check will fail when updating from 1.75 Beta 1 to newer versions.
#289: Install fails during update process (only affects v1.75 beta 1 - v1.75 beta 2)
1.75 Beta 2 (2016-12-01):
#273: Added Turkish translation provided by forum user "rizaemet"
#217: Create user manual documentation for the SSH File Transfer feature
#254: Component check window position issues and uncaught exception
#260: Crash when attempting to load fully encrypted confCons v2.5
#261: Double clicking folder in treeview doesn't expand it in 1.75 beta1
#271: Install package is not using the last installation path
#278: Silent installs not detecting prerequisites
1.75 Beta 1 (2016-11-15):
General Changes:
Lots of code clean up and refactoring
Limit log file size to 1 main log + 5 backups * 10MB.
Minor UI Tweak: Default Menubar and QuickConnect Bar to same line
MR-364: Removed "Announcement" functionality
MR-366: Show PuTTY type and version on components check screen
MR-586: Reduce HTTP/HTTPS document title length that is appended to the connection tab title
MR-938: Adjust RDP Resolution list (ensure most common resolutions were available)
MR-975: Replaced TreeView with TreeListView for displaying connection tree. This was a large change which separated the GUI from the domain model.
#144: Removed export option for "VisionApp Remote Desktop 2008"
MR-220: Don't close the AD importer after import
MR-971: Added Right Click method to Port Scan to import discovered hosts
MR-1000, #211: Sub OU AD Import
#172: Implement "audioqualitymode" for RDP sessions
#160: Allow portable version to perform an update check (and download the latest .zip)
#157: Implement new cryptography providers (See Tools -> Options -> Security)
#167: fix/implement the update check (was disabled in 1.74 as part of the C# conversion)
MR-967: File transfer doesn't work when specifying full path and file name (as prompted)
MR-979: switched to notifications panel incorrectly (when configured NOT to do so)
1.75 Alpha 3 (2016-08-12):
MR-965, MR-871, MR-629: Error 264 on RDP Connect attempt - Added timeout value to Tools -> Options -> Connections
MR-946: Remove old/insecure SharpSSH and related components. Replace with SSH.NET for File Transfer Functionality
MR-896: Added prerequisite installer check for KB2574819. Prevents "Class not registered" errors when opening RDP connections.
PR-130: Fix Scan button width to fit Russian translation
1.75 Alpha 2 (2016-08-03):
General Changes:
Updated GeckoFx package
Updated DockPanelSuite library to 2.10 Final
Japanese translation updated
MR-942: Refactored code relating to loading the connections file
MR-961, PR-133: Option to reconnect all currently opened connection tabs
MR-917: Improved cryptographic support
MR-910: Fixes to support Remote Desktop Gateways
MR-874: Incorrect RDP prerequisite check in installer
1.75 Alpha 1 (2016-07-08):
General Changes:
Additional code cleanup
MR-905: mRemoteNG crashes at startup (in FIPS policy check)
MR-902: mRemoteNG crashes after locking/unlocking the local system after loading a VNC connection
1.74 (2016-06-28):
Supported Platforms/Components:
Windows 7 SP1 (with RDP Client v8: KB2592687/KB2923545) or later
.NET Framework 4 or later
XULRunner is no longer required for Gecko support (see below)
General Changes:
Converted source from Visual Basic to C Sharp
Lots of code refactoring/clean up/general stability changes
MR-714: Removed Keyboard shortcut functionality
- Introduced in 1.73 beta that was never officially released
- This caused stability issues
- May be re-added in a future release
- Removal does *NOT* impact the ability to send keyboard shortcuts to RDP sessions (when redirect key combinations is set to "yes")
MR-559: Removed RDP Sessions panel functionality. This required a library for which no trusted origin/source could be located
Removed a bunch of old code/libraries and replaced them accordingly
Security Updates:
MR-775, MR-745: Updated PuTTY to 0.67
Updated to latest DockPanelSuite and enabled a slick new theme!
MR-145: Installer is now MSI based
MR-255: Updated RDP Client to version 8
MR-389: Updates to IE rendering engine
- Support for latest version of IE (9-11)
- Dropped support for IE 7 & IE 8
MR-850: Replaced XULRunner with GeckoFx
- No need to manually configure to have the Gecko rendering engine available now
- Install image is now significantly larger due to the inclusion of the Gecko Engine
MR-821: Initial Japanese translation included
Port Scan is now Asynchronous (and is significantly faster)
MR-874: Added work-around to installer to ignore installation prerequisites
MR-884: Slow startup in some scenarios checking authenticode certificate
MR-872: Crash in External Tools when arguments aren't quoted
MR-854: crashes when right clicking on connection tab
MR-852: Option "Allow only a single instance of the application" non-functional
MR-836: Trying to delete a folder of connections only deletes 2 connections at a time
MR-824, MR-706: Suppress Script Errors when using the IE rendering engine
MR-822: Improve RDP error code messages
MR-640: Fixed Inheritance not working
MR-639: RDP: Connect to console session
MR-610, MR-582, MR-451: RDP: Protocol Error 3334 or exceptions with large number of connections open
- This problem appears largely resolved by most reports and testing
- Further workarounds/problem avoidance: Disable Bitmap Caching on all RDP session configuration
MR-429: Display issue on the Options -> Advanced panel
MR-385: Inheritance settings lost when moving item to the root of the tree
----- New Dev Team & Conversion to C# -----
1.73 Beta 2 (NEVER RELEASED):
Fixed issue MR-619 - Keyboard shortcuts stop working after locking the screen with Win+L
Added support for importing files from PuTTY Connection Manager.
Improved the import and export functionality.
1.73 Beta 1 (2013-11-19):
Added feature MR-16 - Add keyboard shortcuts to switch between tabs
Added feature MR-141 - Add a default protocol option
Added feature MR-212 - Add option to connect without credentials
Added feature MR-512 - Add support for importing files from Remote Desktop Connection Manager
Added feature MR-547 - Add support for Xming Portable PuTTY
Made improvement MR-250 - Show the name of the selected connection tab in the title of the window
Made improvement MR-367 - Make the 'Connect' button on the 'Quick Connect' toolbar a forced dropdown
Made improvement MR-419 - Password prompt dialog should have a meaningful window title
Made improvement MR-486 - Allow escaping of variable names for external tools
Made improvement MR-590 - Make panels docked to the edge of the window keep their size
Fixed issue MR-187 - F7 keyboard shortcut for New Folder conflicts with remote connections
Fixed issue MR-523 - Changes to external tools are not saved until exiting the program
Fixed issue MR-556 - Export fails when overwriting an existing file
Fixed issue MR-594 - Crash on startup if write access is denied to the IE browser emulation registry key
Fixed issue MR-603 - Some configuration options are still shown even when inheritance is enabled
MR-590: Added "Reset" to config panel context menu to allow resetting some config settings to their default value.
Added and improved menu icons.
Removed misleading log messages about RD Gateway support.
Removed invalid "Site" configuration option from PuTTY Saved Sessions.
Fixed PuTTY Saved Sessions still showing if all saved sessions are removed.
Fixed config panel showing settings from previously loaded connection file after loading a new one.
Improved handling of variables in external tool arguments.
1.72 (2013-11-13):
Fixed issue MR-592 - Unable to run VBS script as an external tool
Fixed issue MR-596 - Incorrect escaping of quotation marks in external tool arguments
1.71 (2013-10-29):
Fixed issue MR-574 - Crash when retrieving RDP session list if eolwtscom.dll is not registered
Fixed issue MR-578 - Connections file is reset
Fixed log file not showing operating system version on Windows XP and Windows Server 2003.
Fixed the wrong connections file opening on startup under certain conditions.
Fixed checking for updates even when disabled.
Improved error reporting when loading connections files.
Removed warning message when mRemoteNG is started for the first time about new connections file being created.
1.71 Release Candidate 2 (2013-10-16):
Fixed issue MR-560 - Cannot Auto-Update With Open Connections: Unable to find an entry point named 'TaskDialogIndirect' in DLL 'ComCtl32'
Fixed issue MR-565 - Double Folder keep heritage on the initial Folder
Fixed issue MR-566 - Typo in German UI Automatic Update Settings
Fixed duplicated folders possibly being named "New Connection" instead of the original folder's name.
1.71 Release Candidate 1 (2013-10-01):
Fixed issue MR-495 - Having a negative range in port scan creates memory exhaustion.
Fixed issue MR-514 - Window Proxy test failed without close button
Fixed issue MR-521 - Right-Clicking in "Sessions" panel crashes mRemoteNG
Fixed issue MR-525 - Could not start on windows 7 64bit
Fixed issue MR-535 - SQL error saving Connections
Fixed issue MR-538 - RDP loses connection when hiding config or connections pane
Fixed issue MR-542 - Wrapped putty has security flaw
Made minor improvements to the port scan functionality.
Fixed possible cross-thread operation exception when loading connections from SQL.
Fixed PuTTY Saved Sessions not showing after loading a new connections file.
Updated PuTTY to version 0.63.
Updated translations.
Added Chinese (Traditional) translation.
Added partial Greek and Hungarian translations.
1.71 Beta 5 (2013-06-09):
Fixed issue MR-491 - Could not start RDP Connection
Fixed issue MR-499 - TS Gateway is not working in latest release 1.71
Fixed typo in SQL queries.
1.71 Beta 4 (2013-05-28):
Added feature MR-435 - Add digital signature check to updater
Fixed issue MR-255 - The version of the RDP AX client should be updated to 7
Fixed issue MR-392 - Sessions Panel - context menu entries need to be context aware
Fixed issue MR-422 - Gives error Object reference not set to an instance of an object.
Fixed issue MR-424 - Import of a few Linux SSH2 hosts discovered via the port scan tool results in a UE
Fixed issue MR-439 - MRemoteNG 1.70 does not start
Fixed issue MR-440 - RDP import with non-standard port
Fixed issue MR-443 - Instructions for eolwtscom.dll registration for Portable version are inaccurate
Fixed issue MR-446 - Putty saved sessions show in connection panel
Fixed issue MR-459 - Maximized -> Minimized -> Restored results in mangled active display
Fixed issue MR-463 - Add support for LoadBalanceInfo to RDP
Fixed issue MR-470 - Quick Connect to Linux server uses invalid credentials
Fixed issue MR-471 - PuTTY Saved Sessions disappears from connection list
Fixed issue MR-487 - Initiate connections on MouseUp event
Added PuTTY Session Settings command to the Config panel for PuTTY Saved Sessions.
Updated translations.
Added Norwegian (Bokmal) and Portuguese (Brazil) translations.
Added Spanish translation to the installer.
Fixed an exception or crash when choosing unnamed colors for themes.
Fixed possible error "Control does not support transparent background colors" when modifying themes.
Fixed changes to the active theme not being saved reliably.
Fixed handling of the plus (+) character in PuTTY session names.
Changed Internet Explorer to no longer force IE7 compatibility mode.
Changed the "Launch PuTTY" button in the "Options" dialog to open PuTTY from the path the user has currently set, instead of what was previously saved.
Improved update and announcement checking.
Improved the PuTTY Saved Sessions list to update automatically when any changes are made.
Improved loading time of large connection files.
Lowered required version of RDC from 6.1 to 6.0.
Updated VncSharpNG to 1.3.4896.25007.
1.71 Beta 3 (2013-03-20):
Fixed issue MR-397 - Putty disappears from the screen
Fixed issue MR-398 - Full Screen mode doesn't correctly make use of available space
Fixed issue MR-402 - scrollbar touch moves putty window
Fixed issue MR-406 - Items disappear from External Tools toolbar when accessing External Tools panel
Fixed issue MR-410 - Unhandled exception when clicking New button under Theme
Fixed issue MR-413 - Can't use application
Fixed new connections having a globe icon.
Fixed the category names in the themes tab of the options dialog on Windows XP not showing correctly.
Fixed PuTTY saved sessions with spaces or special characters not being listed.
1.71 Beta 2 (2013-03-19):
Added feature MR-336 - Customizable background color for the windows/panels
Added feature MR-345 - Two separate options for confirming closure of Tabs and Connection Panels
Added feature MR-346 - Option to show/hide the description box at the bottom of the Config panel
Added feature MR-351 - Import connections from PuTTY
Fixed issue MR-354 - Re-ordering tabs doesn't give good, reliable visual feedback
Fixed issue MR-375 - Changing a connection's icon using the picture button should immediately update Icon field
Fixed issue MR-377 - Several redundant panels can be opened
Fixed issue MR-379 - Connection variables not working with external tools
Fixed issue MR-381 - Notifications panel - whitespace context menu allows Copy and Delete on nothing
Fixed issue MR-401 - Checkbox misaligned
The username and domain settings are now hidden for VNC connections since they are not supported.
Changed "Automatically get session information" to be disabled by default.
RDP connections can now be switched to full screen mode when redirect key combinations is enabled.
1.71 Beta 1 (2013-03-04):
Added feature MR-329 - Create Option to disable the "Quick: " prefix
Fixed issue MR-67 - Sort does not recursively sort
Fixed issue MR-117 - Remote Session Info Window / Tab does not populate
Fixed issue MR-121 - Config pane not sorting properties correctly when switching between alphabetical and categorized view
Fixed issue MR-130 - Issues duplicating folders
Fixed issue MR-142 - Start of mRemoteNG takes about one minute and consumes excessive CPU
Fixed issue MR-158 - Password field not accepting Pipe
Fixed issue MR-330 - Portable version saves log to user's profile folder
Fixed issue MR-333 - Unnecessary prompt for 'close all open connections?'
Fixed issue MR-342 - Incorrect view in config pane of new connection after viewing default inheritance
Fixed issue MR-352 - Passwords with " (quotation mark) and # (hash key) characters make mRemoteNG to open PuttyNG dialog
Fixed issue MR-362 - Rename 'Screenshot Manager' to 'Screenshots' on the View menu to match Panel name
Added detection of newer versions of connection files and database schemata. mRemoteNG will now refuse to open them to avoid data loss.
Improved appearance and discoverability of the connection search box.
If RDC 7.0 or higher is installed, the connection bar is no longer briefly shown when connecting to an RDP connection with redirect key combinations enabled.
If RDC 8.0 or higher is installed, RDP connections automatically adjust their size when the window is resized or when toggling full screen mode.
1.70 (2013-03-07):
Fixed issue MR-339 - Connection group collapses with just one click
Fixed issue MR-340 - Object reference not set to an instance of an object.
Fixed issue MR-344 - Move "Always show panel tabs" option
Fixed issue MR-350 - VerifyDatabaseVersion (Config.Connections.Save) failed. Version string portion was too short or too long.
Fixed issue MR-355 - Moving sub folders to top level causes property loss
Fixed tabs not closing on double-click when the active tab is a PuTTY connection.
1.70 Release Candidate 2 (2013-02-25):
Fixed issue MR-332 - Can't select different tab with one click after disconnecting existing tab
Fixed issue MR-338 - PuTTYNG crashing on fresh install of mRemoteNG
Re-enabled PuTTYNG integration enhancements on Windows 8
1.70 Release Candidate 1 (2013-02-22):
Fixed issue MR-183 - Error trying to save connections when using SQL - Invalid column name _parentConstantId
Fixed issue MR-225 - Tabs do not open in a panel until multiple panels are displayed.
Fixed issue MR-229 - Integrated PuTTY doesn't work in Windows 8 RP
Fixed issue MR-264 - Windows 8 support
Fixed issue MR-317 - Difficulty right-clicking on Tab
Fixed issue MR-318 - Wrong tab gets selected when tab names overflow on the tab bar
Fixed issue MR-321 - New connection panel doesn't get panel header if its the only one or is moved
Fixed issue MR-322 - Connection Button not listing servers
Added option to always show panel tabs.
Fixed "Decryption failed. Padding is invalid and cannot be removed." notification.
Fixed KiTTY opening in a separate window when using a saved session.
1.70 Beta 2 (2013-02-18):
Fixed issue MR-47 - Silent Installation Prompts for Language
Fixed issue MR-54 - Error When disconnecting from SSL channel RDP
Fixed issue MR-58 - Bug when duplicating connection in connection view
Fixed issue MR-68 - Config Window Loses Options
Fixed issue MR-71 - Minimizing mRemoteNG causes temporary re-size of Putty sessions (windows)
Fixed issue MR-80 - Reconnect previous sessions
Fixed issue MR-81 - Problem Duplicating Folder w/ Sub-Folders
Fixed issue MR-85 - Microsoft .NET Framework warning
Fixed issue MR-86 - Citrix GDI+ Error when screen is locked
Fixed issue MR-96 - When pressing SHIFT+F4 to create a new connection inside a folder, the new connections doesn't inherit any properties from its parent
Fixed issue MR-101 - Collapse all folders causes a NullReferenceException
Fixed issue MR-165 - Can't close About window if it is the last tab
Fixed issue MR-166 - Inheritance button is disabled on some connections
Fixed issue MR-167 - Name and description of properties not show in inheritance list
Fixed issue MR-171 - Inherit configuration not showing friendly names for each inherit component
Fixed issue MR-172 - RDGatewayPassword is unencrypted in confCons.xml file
Fixed issue MR-174 - Trailing Space on a Hostname/IP will cause the connection not to happen.
Fixed issue MR-175 - Problem with focus when 2 or more PuTTY sessions opened
Fixed issue MR-176 - Del key while editing connection name triggers 'Delete Connection'
Fixed issue MR-178 - 3 different panels crashes all connections
Fixed issue MR-181 - Sessions on startup
Fixed issue MR-190 - Can't click on tab/session
Fixed issue MR-196 - Cannot export list without usernames and passwords
Fixed issue MR-199 - when using screen inside putty, screen becomes dead when reduce mremoteNG
Fixed issue MR-202 - The Connection "Tab" show Ampersands as underscores.
Fixed issue MR-214 - Hostname/IP reset
Fixed issue MR-224 - Session tabs become un-clickable after duplicating a tab or opening a new one in the same panel
Fixed issue MR-233 - Backslash at end of password prevents success of putty invocation and corresponding auto-logon
Fixed issue MR-235 - Config file gets corrupted when leaving the password entry box with ESC
Fixed issue MR-264 - Windows 8 support
Fixed issue MR-277 - Inheritance configuration button not appear in configuration tab
Fixed issue MR-284 - SSH: Text not showing properly
Fixed issue MR-299 - mRemoteNG crashes while using remotely (Windows XP remote desktop)
Fixed issue MR-306 - Fatal .NET exception on program start
Fixed issue MR-313 - PuTTY window not maximized when loading from saved session
mRemoteNG now requires .NET Framework 3.0 instead of 2.0.
Updated translations.
Added translations for Spanish (Argentina), Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Chinese (Simplified).
Improved the use of Tab and Shift-Tab to cycle through entries in the Config grid.
Improved loading of XML files from older versions of mRemote/mRemoteNG.
1.70 Beta 1 (2012-02-27):
Fixed issue MR-77 - VerifyDatabaseVersion (Config.Connections.Save) failed. Version string portion was too short or too long.
Fixed issue MR-78 - Renaming Connections
Fixed issue MR-79 - MoveUp/Down item doesn't work + Sort button broken
Fixed issue MR-93 - Regional settings problem when using SQL connection in mRemoteNG
Fixed issue MR-97 - Integrate Dutch translation
Fixed issue MR-98 - Integrate Russian and Ukranian translations
Fixed issue MR-99 - Integrate Spanish translation
Fixed issue MR-131 - RD Gateway does not respect setting for use different credentials
Added compatibility check for "Use FIPS compliant algorithms" security setting.
Improved reporting of errors when encrypting and decrypting connection files.
Added partial Polish translation.
The panel tabs are now hidden if only one panel is open.
Fix focus issue with RDP connections when changing tabs.
Show changes live as connection tabs are being dragged around to change their order.
Updated PuTTY to version 0.62.
Improved error handling when loading connection files.
Fixed bugs with creating a new connection file.
A backup of the connection file is saved when it is loaded. The most recent ten backup copies are kept.
Added the option to use a smart card for RD Gateway credentials.
Made the use of CredSSP for RDP connections optional.
Updated VncSharpNG to version 1.2.4440.36644.
Added debugging symbols for VncSharpNG.
1.69 (2011-12-09):
Fixed issue #66 - Fresh Install Fails to Create Config
Fixed issue #69 - Connection file gets erased
Fixed issue #72 - scrollbars added to RDP window after minimize/restore of mRemoteNG
Disabled automatic updates in the portable edition
Fixed file name in window title changing when exporting an XML file.
Fixed Use only Notifications panel checkbox.
Updated PuTTY to version 0.61
Binaries are now digitally signed
Added Credits, License, and Version History items to the Start Menu and made Start Menu item names localizable.
1.68 (2011-07-07):
Fixed issue #48 - VerifyDatabaseVersion fails with new (empty) database tables.
Fixed issue #60 - Can't save connections file
Fixed issue #62 - Connection file error upon launch.
1.67 (2011-06-05):
Fixed migration of external tools configuration and panel layout from Local to Roaming folder.
Disable ICA Hotkeys for Citrix connections.Fixes issue with international users.
Added a language selection option so users can override the language if they don't want it automatically detected.
Added partial French translation to the application.
Addded Thai translation to the installer.
Updated graphics in the installer to mRemoteNG logo.
Fixed RD Gateway default properties and RDP reconnection count setting not being saved.
Fixed bug 33 - IPv6 doesn't work in quick Connect box.
Moved the items under Tools in the Connections panel context menu up to the top level.
Added buttons for Add Connection, Add Folder, and Sort Ascending (A-Z) to the Connections panel toolbar.
Fixed rename edit control staying open when collapsing all folders.
Changed sorting to sort all subfolders below the selected folder.
Allow sorting of connections if a connection entry is selected.
Fixed adding a connection entry if nothing is selected in the tree.
Added 15-bit Color RDP setting.
Fixed loading of RDP Colors setting from SQL.
Added Font Smoothing and Desktop Composition RDP settings.
Improved error handling when loading XML connection files.
Added the mRemoteNG icon to the list of selectable icons for connection entries.
Added confirmation before closing connection tabs.
Fixed bug 42 - Maximized location not remembered with multiple monitors.
Improved loading and saving of window location.
Removed flickering on start up.
Changed the Options page into a normal dialog.
Improved Reset Layout function.
Changed to use full four part version numbers with major, minor, build, and revision.
Changed hard coded SQL database name into a user configurable setting.
Fixed tab order of controls in Options dialog.
Fixed bug 45 - Changing some settings in the config file may not save.
1.66 (2011-05-02):
Fixed connections not working
1.65 (2011-05-02):
Fixed Ctrl-Tab and Ctrl-Shift-Tab not working in any other applications while mRemoteNG is running
Ctrl-Tab and Ctrl-Shift-Tab no longer work to switch tabs within mRemoteNG
Fixed bug 36 - Install creates shortcuts only for the installing user
Fixed bug 38 - Application uses the wrong Application Data settings folder (in Local Settings)
Added code to the installer to check that the user is in the 'Power Users' or 'Administrators' group
1.64 (2011-04-27):
Fixed bug 6 - VNC CTRL+key & keyboard combo mappings are broken
Fixed bug 12 - Tab switch is not working in config panel
Fixed bug 14 - RDP Connection authentication problem
Fixed bug 22 - External App parameter macro expansion doesn't work with "try to integrate"
Fixed bug 25 - Unhandled exception when mRemoteNG opens
Added multilanguage support and German translation to the application
Added Czech, Dutch, French, German, Polish, and Spanish translations to the installer
Added Ctrl-Tab hotkey to switch to the next tab and Ctrl-Shift-Tab to switch to the previous tab
Added Tab key to cycle through entries in the Config grid and Shift-Tab to cycle in reverse
Added ability to configure external tools to run before or after a connection is established
Fixed missing parameters in macro expansion for external tools
Fixed RD Gateway and other inheritance bugs
Changed how new connection files are created
Changed the internal namespace of the application to mRemoteNG instead of mRemote
Added credit for the DockPanel Suite to the About page
Updated DockPanel Suite to version 2.5 RC1
Updated VNCSharpNG to correct Ctrl and Alt key pass-through behavior
1.63 (2010-02-02):
New icon and logo
Fixed problems moving or resizing the main window while PuTTY (SSH/telnet/rlogin/raw) connections are open
Fixed PuTTY processes not closing on Vista and 7 with UAC enabled
Updated DockPanel Suite from 2.2.0 to 2.3.1
Fixed error if the mouse is clicked outside of the remote screen area of a VNC connection
Fixed flashing and red lines at bottom of the window on first run
Added View->Reset Layout menu item
Added F11 shortcut key to View->Full Screen
Improved RDP error reporting
Added support for Credential Security Support Provider (CredSSP) which is required for Network Level Authentication (NLA)
Added support for connecting through Remote Desktop Gateway servers
Popups can now be allowed in Internet Explorer by holding Ctrl+Alt when clicking a link
Added PuTTY Settings item to tab context menu
1.62 (2010-01-19):
Switched to VncSharp, an open source VNC component
VNC is supported again except for the following features:
Windows authentication
Setting the compression, encoding and color settings
Connecting through a proxy server
Free SmartSize mode (it does the same thing as Aspect SmartSize mode now)
Rearranged the Options page and added an Updates tab
Added option to change how often updates are checked
Open Updates options tab before connecting for the first time
No longer show About page on first run
Renamed Quicky toolbar to Quick Connect toolbar
Changed back to allowing toolbars to dock to the left or right of the menu bar and added gripper to move it around
Added RDP, VNC and ICA version numbers to Components Check page
Fixed a bug with the inheritance buttons on the Config panel disappearing after awhile
1.61 (2010-01-14):
Removed unlicensed SmartCode Solutions ViewerX VNC Viewer ActiveX
This version of mRemoteNG does not support VNC
1.60 (2010-01-09):
Changed name to mRemoteNG
Fixed menu bar not staying docked to left side
Removed snakes game Easter egg
Removed references to visionapp Remote Desktop
Changed filename delimiter in title bar from pipe to dash
Changed default format for saving screenshot images to PNG
Changed website addresses
Added Report a Bug and Support Forum links to the Help menu
Moved Check for Updates to the Help menu
Changed website links in Help menu and About page to load within mRemoteNG instead of launching an external browser
Added the following formats to the "Save Connections As" function:
mRemote CSV (standard CSV file with all properties)
vRD 2008 CSV (standard CSV file with properties relevant for importing connections in vRD 2008)
Fixed bug in inheritance code (SmartSize Mode and View Only properies were always shown when using VNC)
mRemote and visionapp Remote Desktop 2008 merge!
Read more here:
or in the Announcement panel.
Added features to the update function
Added Announcement feature
Changed copyright notice in about screen and text when connecting via VNC
Fixed some SQL-related problems
ATTENTION! There is a bug in the automatic update code in 1.45 so you will have to download the new version manually from
Added startup components check with directions to fix component installation (also available in Tools - Components Check)
Added "Try to integrate" option to Ext. Apps. If enabled mRemote will try to integrate the app into a tab container like any other connection protocol.
Added Ext. App as protocol. Any Ext. App can be launched just like a normal connection.
Example (DameWare Mini Remote Control):
Create a new Ext. App with the following properties:
Display Name: DameWare
Filename: c:\PathToYourDameWareInstallDir\DWRCC.exe
Arguments: -c: -h: -m:%hostname% -u:%username% -p:"%password%" -d:%domain%
Options: Try to integrate
Create a new connection and select Ext. App as protocol
Then choose DameWare in the Ext. App field
If you have problems with a particular app that takes a long time to start up consider setting a higher PuTTY/Ext. Apps wait time in Tools - Options - Advanced
Added option to completely encrypt connection files (tools - options - advancecd)
Added Rendering Engine option for HTTP/S protocols
You can now use the Gecko (Firefox) rendering engine
For this to work you need to download xulrunner (get it here:
It must be the release, does NOT work!
Extract the contents to a path of your choice and set the correct path in Tools - Options - Advanced - XULrunner path
The interface is tab enabled and usage is generally very firefox-like. So you can open new tabs with Ctrl+T, jump to the location bar with Ctrl+L and so on...
Added "MAC Address", "User Field" fields and %MacAddress%, %UserField% variables to use in Ext. Apps
Added descriptions for all fields in the config editor
Fixed bug in connections loading code when using SQL storage
Fixed bug in reconnect code
Fixed VNC sessions not refreshing screen automatically when switching between tabs or panels
WARNING! There have been changes to the connections file/SQL tables
Please always backup your whole config before updating to a new mRemote beta release, especially when there have been changes to the config files/SQL tables
To get SQL working with the new version please update your tables like in the provided script (Info - Help - SQL Configuration)
These are the added lines:
[RenderingEngine] [varchar] (10) COLLATE SQL_Latin1_General_CP1_CI_AS NULL ,
[MacAddress] [varchar] (32) COLLATE SQL_Latin1_General_CP1_CI_AS NULL ,
[UserField] [varchar] (256) COLLATE SQL_Latin1_General_CP1_CI_AS NULL ,
[ExtApp] [varchar] (256) COLLATE SQL_Latin1_General_CP1_CI_AS NULL ,
[InheritRenderingEngine] [bit] NOT NULL ,
[InheritMacAddress] [bit] NOT NULL ,
[InheritUserField] [bit] NOT NULL ,
[InheritExtApp] [bit] NOT NULL ,
New german language build available
Added support for RDP 6.1 (XP SP3/Vista SP1) features (Server Authentication, Console Session, TS Gateway not yet...)
Added basic support for UltraVNC SingleClick (Tools - UltraVNC SingleClick); the listening port is configurable in the options
Fixed VNC connections not working on x64
Fixed screenshots save all feature overwriting files with the same name (not actually a bug, but rather a new feature ;)
Fixed ICA Encryption Strength not inheriting properly
WARNING! There have been changes to the connections file/SQL tables
Please always backup your whole config before updating to a new mRemote beta release, especially when there have been changes to the config files/SQL tables
To get SQL working with the new version please update your tables like in the provided script (Info - Help - SQL Configuration)
These are the added lines:
[RDPAuthenticationLevel] [varchar] (32) COLLATE SQL_Latin1_General_CP1_CI_AS NOT NULL ,
[InheritRDPAuthenticationLevel] [bit] NOT NULL ,
Added function to send either the main form or a connection panel to another screen
To send the form to another screen, right click the titlebar or the taskbar button and select "Send to..."
If you want to send a panel to another screen, right click the panel's tab and do the same
Fixed PuTTY connections not supporting credentials with spaces
Fixed form not opening on last position when using multiple screens
Fixed kiosk mode not working on secondary screen
IMPORTANT NEWS: Please read the page that opens when you first start this release or go to:
Added minimize to tray option
Added option to enable switching to open connections with a single click on the corresponding connection in the tree
Added button to test proxy settings
Fixed: If the active connection tab is a PuTTY connection, Alt+Tab to mRemote now focuses the PuTTY window
Fixed encoding problem with PuTTY sessions that included spaces
Fixed problem that made mRemote inaccesible when closing it on a second monitor and then disabling this monitor
Fixed: Inheritance defaults of some new VNC properties were not saved in the portable package
Added complete support for SmartCode's ViewerX and removed VncSharp
Many thx to everyone who donated to make this happen!!! I didn't think that it wouldn't even take a week! =)
I hope everyone will be satisfied by the functions and possibilities this new control provides
If you use one of the non-setup packages you must register the control yourself
Open a cmd and change to the directory you installed mRemote to
Type regsvr32 scvncctrl.dll and click ok
Changed shortcuts and added buttons for them to the view menu under "Jump To" because they were causing several problems
WARNING! There have been changes to the connections file/SQL tables and the Ext. Apps XML file
Please always backup your whole config before updating to a new mRemote beta release, especially when there have been changes to the config files/SQL tables
To get SQL working with the new version please update your tables like in the provided script (Info - Help - SQL Configuration)
Added (limited) support for the trial version of SmartCode's VNC ActiveX
To enable it go to Options - Advanced and check "Try SmartCode VNC ActiveX"
When connecting a pop up will open, wait about 10 seconds, then click on "Trial" to continue
I will integrate this control fully into mRemote if I get enough Donations to buy the single developer license ($375,-)
So if you want to see better VNC support (All UltraVNC, TightVNC and RealVNC functions) in mRemote, please help me and donate some bucks
For donations either go to the mRemote Wiki (Info - Website) or click on Info - Donate to directly go to PayPal
I will announce the current donation amount every day (or as often as I can) on the Wiki main page
If you want to know more about the control go here:
Added feature to choose the panel a connection will open in when...
a. no panel name was assigned in the properties
b. you opened a connection with the option to choose the panel before connecting
c. you checked "Always show panel selection dialog when opening connectins" in Options - Tabs & Panels
Added Shortcuts to focus the standard panels
Alt+C: Switch between Connections & Config panel
Alt+S: Switch between Sessions & Screenshots panel
Alt+E: Switch to Errors & Infos panel
Added some new icons
Added MagicLibrary.dll to the release again (forgot it in the 1.38 packages, sorry)
Added auto-reconnect for ICA
Added feature that automatically clears whitespaces in the Quicky Textfield
Added special feature: Go to the set password dialog and type "ijustwannaplay" (without the quotes) in the password field... ;)
Added automatic reconnect feature for RDP (Options - Advanced)
Added connections drop-down to the quicky toolbar (same as the tray icon menu)
Added setting in the options to enable/disable that double clicking on a connection tab closes it
Added option to automatically set the hostname like the display name when creating new connections
Fixed bug that caused the properties of a folder to be filled with "Object reference not set to an instance of an object." when adding a folder to the root with Default Inheritance enabled
Fixed bug that made the properties of a newly added Connection to the root unavailable when Default Inheritance was enabled
Fixed bug that the default settings for Pre/Post Ext. App, and their inheritance settings were not being saved
Fixed bug in settings loading methods that caused the application to hang when an error occured
Fixed bug in Ext. Apps panel that copied the properties of the previously selected Ext. App when "Wait for exit" was checked
Fixed bug in the SQL Query that creates the tables needed by mRemote
Attempt to fix the "Drop-Down on Screenshot" bug on some machines
Added single instance mode (look in Options - Startup/Exit) - No cmd arguments supported yet!
Added possibilty to start a Ext. App before connecting and on disconnect (e.g. for VPN/RAS)
Added option to the Ext. Apps to tell mRemote to wait for the exit of the Ext. App
Added encryption setting for ICA
WARNING! There have been changes to the connections file/SQL tables and the Ext. Apps XML file
Please always backup your whole config before updating to a new mRemote beta release, especially when there have been changes to the config files/SQL tables
Here's a list of new columns that need to be created before saving connections to an SQL server:
Name: ICAEncryptionStrength, Data-Type: varchar, Length: 64, Allow Nulls: No
Name: InheritICAEncryptionStrength, Data-Type: bit, Length: 1, Allow Nulls: No
Name: PreExtApp, Date-Type: varchar, Length: 512, Allow Nulls: Yes
Name: PostExtApp, Date-Type: varchar, Length: 512, Allow Nulls: Yes
Name: InheritPreExtApp, Date-Type: bit, Length: 1, Allow Nulls: No
Name: InheritPostExtApp, Date-Type: bit, Length: 1, Allow Nulls: No
Fixed problem that caused RDP connections not to initialize properly when using XP SP3
Fixed bug in Port Scan that prevented hosts with no hostname from being imported
Added: Inheritance defaults can now be customized (look in the root properties of your connections tree)
Fixed bug that made password-secured connection files not load properly because the return value from the password screen was always null
Fixed a lot of outdated code in the import functions (Import from XML, Import from AD, Import from RDP files)
Fixed bug that caused properties with a ' character not to be saved properly when using SQL Server
Changed Target CPU to AnyCPU again as I think the x86 setting caused problems on x64 machines (although it shouldn't)
Small speed improvement to the port scanner
Fixed bug that caused SQL live-update to not work when not using AD Authentication
Fixed bug that caused Save As not to work
Added experimental SQL Server with live-update (multi-user) support (see Help - Getting started - SQL Configuration)
Added bunch of new icons to the UI, most of them by
Added dropdown button to Quicky Toolbar to choose protocol
Many smaller changes and additions
Fixed: Wrong default PuTTY session name
Fixed bug in Port Scanner that caused an error when no DNS name could be resolved
Added inheritance for folders
Added port scan feature and possibility to import from a scan
Added toolbar for Ext. Apps (see View - External Applications Toolbar)
Added quick connect as toolbar
Added code that creates a backup of the current connections file every time it is loaded (It's named YourConsFile.xml_BAK)
Added description variable to Ext. Apps
Fixed bug that allowed inheriting from root node
Fixed bug that caused Ext. Apps launched from a connection tab to use the selected tree node instead of the current tab
Fixed bug that caused mRemote not to save panel layout and Ext. Apps on exit
Fixed a bug in connections loading mechanism that caused a corrupted connections file when upgrading from a previous version
Added feature to remember which connections were opened on last runtime and reconnect to them on the next start (see Tools - Options - Startup/Exit)
A command line switch is also available to cancel reconnecting (/noreconnect or /norc)
Added Auto Save feature (Tools - Options - Connections - Auto Save every...)
Added Ext. Apps to connection tab context menu
Added better error handling for RDP connection creation
Fixed problem with Sessions feature on 64bit systems
Fixed Sessions feature not working when using global credentials
Fixed several problems with the Active Directory OU picker control
Fixed bug in Connection duplicate code that caused duplicated connection to still have previous tree node assigned
Added External Applications feature (check the help section for more info)
Added duplicate feature to Connections tree
Fixed: MagicLibrary.dll was not included in the setup package
New Domain:
Fixed PuTTY connections appearing in a new window
There's a new setting in the options to fine tune the time to wait until the window has been created
Fixed export not working
Added reconnect feature in tab menu
Added: New portable package
Added: Defaults for new connections can now be customized
Click the root item and then the new Properties-like button with a small yellow star to get to the settings
Fixed Import from Active Directory not working
Fixed problem with single click connect not focusing correctly
Fixed root node not being renamed after changing name in property grid
Added support for setting a password to protect the connections file with (look in the root of your connections tree)
Added RDP file import feature
Added new command-line switch to reset panel's positions
Added HTTPS as protocol
Added HTTP/S basic authentication
Added support for setting a Proxy server for automatic updates
Some changes in help section
Fixed the bug that passwords stored in the options weren't decrypted when a connection was opened
Fixed "bug" that prevented "Connect to console session" from working in RDC6.1 (Vista SP1 RC1/XP SP3 RC1)
Merry Christmas! =)
V1.00 is a (almost) complete rewrite of the whole application
The code base is now much cleaner and more (easily) extendable
New features include (but are not limited to):
Every part of the application is now integrated into panels which can be moved, docked and undocked, hidden, moved to another monitor, etc.
This makes many new and exciting ways to manage connection and application windows possible
You can for example open up 4 PuTTY sessions in 4 different panels and align them in the main application so you can use all 4 side by side - 2 on the upper side and 2 on the bottom for example
This can be done for EVERY part of the application, it's completely modular and customizable
Connection and folder (previously called containers) properties have moved to a new property grid control
Every setting (with the exclusion of the hostname, which wouldn't make any sense) can now be inherited from the parent folder
Connection file saving/loading is now handled a bit different (more in the help section)
Application restart is no longer nececary after changing options, they are active with a click of the OK button
Smart size can now be activated also if a connection is already open (in the right click menu of the active tab)
A panel name can be stored with every connection (or folder, if inherting) to always open the connection in the specified panel
And last but not least, many bugs have been fixed, though there are probably many new bugs aswell - Did I already mention this is a rewrite? ;)
I hope you like my work and if you do please consider donating on the mRemote website to support me a little. Any amount will do! Thx!
Removed old Terminal (SSH, Telnet) control and embedded PuTTY instead
This decision brings mostly good but also some bad news
The good news is that now everything that works in putty also works in mRemote
This means X11 forwarding, SSH port forwarding, session logging, appearance customization, etc. should be working fine now
It also brings some new protocols (Rlogin, RAW)
The bad news is that I cannot fully integrate Putty into mRemote because it is a standalone application and thus has it's own window handle
This means that you won't be able to use Ctrl+Tab to switch between tabs, catching errors or infos through the new Errors and Infos tab isn't possible, etc.
Added possibility to change resolution or display mode (Fit to window, Fullscreen, Smart size)
Added new setting in options to show logon info on tab titles
Added new feature that catches popup dialogs and puts them in a managed interface. This is another step to make mRemote a single window application.
Pressing escape switches back to the connection list
There is a context menu that allows you to copy selected errors/warnings/infos to the clipboard (text only) or to delete them
There also are settings in the option to change when to switch to the tab and to switch back to the normal behaviour of displaying message popups
Added QuickConnect history and auto-complete functions
Added a few new Icons (Linux, Windows, ESX, Log, Finance)
Improved options tab
Connections file version is now 1.2
Fixed some form drawing bugs
Added tab switching/closing hotkeys
Switch to next tab: Ctrl+Tab
Switch to previous tab: Ctrl+Shift+Tab
Close active tab: Ctrl+W
This does not and will probably never work with RDP connections!
Fixed bug in updating code that still displayed the current version in the old format (x.x.x.x instead of x.xx)
Fixed bug where the colors setting was not correctly read after saving and reloading a connections file (only with 256 colors setting)
Fixed bug that made connect to console session and fullscreen options not work
Fixed bug that when opening options, update or about tab caused weird paddings next to the tab or other strange behaviour
Changed shortcuts to menu items in main menu as they interfered with some terminal key bindings
Added HTTP as protocol to allow for basic web-based administration
Added new connections menu to the toolbar
Left click on a connection connects
Right click on a container or connection opens the config tab for the selected item
Added two new connection context menu entries for quickly connecting to console session or connecting in fullscreen
Improved tray icon menu (just like the main connections menu)
The connections tree can now be hidden
To hide it right click on the splitter (the divider between the connections tree and the tabbing interface)
Removed overlay (RDP locking) feature in favor of simply grabbing input when clicking inside the control area
I hope nobody is too sad that the nice looking overlay feature had to go, but..., well, it had to! ;-)
Changed "Redirect Key combinations (like in fullscreen)" to be disabled when in kiosk mode as it has no effect then anyway
Several small bugfixes and code improvements
Added Drag and Drop support for tabs
Added tab context menu
Switch to/from fullscreen
Take a screenshot
Transfer files via SCP/SFTP (SSH)
Send special keys (VNC)
Rename tabs
Duplicate tabs (Create another instance of the connection)
Show config
Close tab (disconnect)
Removed Fullscreen and Send special keys buttons from the main toolbar as they are now in the tab context menu
Added middle click support for tabs (close/disconnect)
Added SSH file transfer (SCP/SFTP) support
Added Tools menu to the tree context menu
Transfer files via SCP/SFTP (SSH)
Import/Export features
Changed version format
Fixed the problem that caused mRemote to crash when dragging a parent node of the connections tree onto one of it's child nodes
Fixed problem in importing mechanism that allowed importing connections including the root which resulted in multiple root items that couldn't be deleted
Fixed problem with quick connect
Added support for redirecting key combinations (Alt+Tab, Winkey, ...)
Added Import/Export features
Added Quick Connect Port support, just type the host you want to connect to followed by a ":" and then the port
Added Connect/Disconnect buttons to connections context menu
Added two new icons (Test Server | TST; Build Server | BS)
Many changes to the connections loading/saving mechanisms
confCons version is now 1.0
Some code cleanup
Fixed auto session info to only try to get session information when a RDP connection is selected
Fixed AD Import feature (didn't care if imported items were computers, groups, users, ... ;)
Fixed settings and connections not saving when installing updates from the auto-updater
Fixed form size and location not saving properly when closing the application in minimized state or in maximized state on a secondary monitor
Added SSH1 to Quick Connect GUI
Changed buffer size of terminal control, it's now 500 lines
Fixed terminal connections not getting focus when changing tabs
Fixed bug in terminal code that caused hitting "home" to show "~" instead of jumping to the start of the line
Fixed bug that caused that hitting enter in mRemote wouldn't do anything when options was opened before
Added code to check if the msrdp com control is registered
Many Improvements to the terminal control (ssh1(!), ssh2, telnet)
Fixed bug that caused mRemote to crash when moving connection into root node (only with inheritance enabled)
Fixed bug: Pressing delete when editing a node's name caused delete messagebox to show
Added inheritance feature to inherit connection settings from parent container
Expanded/Collapsed state of tree nodes will now be saved
Reduced auto session info delay to 700ms
Some code maintainance
Some corrections to connections tree and quick search behaviour
Fixed bug in TerminalControl that caused the error message "error loading string"
Fixed: Settings saving on exit was broken in V0.0.7.0, this is fixed now
Changed connections file version to 0.9
Fixed connections context menu bug that made import from ad option inaccessible
Fixed session info filling up with infos about hosts previously selected
Massive GUI redesign and changes, hope you like it! =)
Fixed bug that made session info to query immediately after selecting a connection (when enabled), there is now a one second delay to prevent collecting session info for more than one host
Added connection import feature for Active Directory
Tidied up project references
Multiple changes to setup routine
Improved error handling for auto-update
Improved download handling for auto-update
Fixed bug that made download finished/failed message box appear multiple times when update was canceled and re-downloaded
Fixed bug where double-clicking a container opened all connections inside this container
Changed port textbox control to only allow digits
Small changes to connection code for SSH
Fixed port setting not saving (or always displaying default port for selected protocol)
Added auto update feature
Changed: Multiple UI Changes (added shortcuts, rearranged menu items, ...)
Fixed the problem where the connections file version was saved either with a dot or a comma, depending on system language
Fixed not being able to connect to SSH2 hosts without specifying username and password
Fixed several problems with Quick Connect
Improved saving of config changes
Fixed connections tab not closing when using SSH
Added new protocols: SSH2 and Telnet
Added first command line switch/parameter "/consfile"
Ex.: mRemote.exe /consfile "%PathToYourConnectionsFile%"
Added button to screenshots to delete a screenshot
Added Host Status (Ping) feature
Many code rewrites and changes in almost every area
Changed the way connections get loaded
The default path for the connection file is no longer in the application directory but in the local application data folder.
Ex.: c:\Documents and Settings\felix\Local Settings\Application Data\Felix_Deimel\mRemote\
If opening a connection file from a custom location (click on open link) saving will also occur in this file and not like in previous versions to the default connections file
To import your old connection file please use the following procedure: start mRemote, click on "Open" and find your old connection file. Then click on "Save As" and save it with the default file name to the default location
Changed the font and style of context menus
Changed Quick Connect UI
Fixed connection settings in config tab not saving when clicking another connection before jumping to another config field
Fixed a bug where renaming a container caused the first connection in the same container to be renamed too
V0.0.5.0 R2:
Fixed a bug that prevented connections from opening when icon files were assigned in a previous version of mRemote
Added (Global) fullscreen / kiosk feature
Added redirection settings for disk drives, printers, ports, smart cards and sound
Added option to write a log file
Added option to open new tabs on the right side of the currently selected tab
Added possibility to connect to all nodes in a container
Changed session functions to work in background
Changed icon choosing mechanism and added a bunch of default icons
Changed: Containers with connection can now be deleted just like empty containers
Changed screenshot functions to now collect all screenshots in one tab
Changed: More settings can now be changed on container basis
Changed config file version to 0.6
Changed: Small internal changes to the connection saving/creating and opening mechanisms
Fixed "Display Wallpapers" and "Display Themes" settings, they are working now
Added Feature to display an overlay when RDP connection tab has lost the focus, clicking on this gives the focus back to the control
Added standard handlers for F2 (rename) and DEL (delete) keys in the treeview
Added icon preview for connections in config tab
Changed the way new connections and containers are being created in the treeview. The pop up window will not be displayed any longer, instead everything is handled inplace by the treeview.
Changed some minor UI related stuff
Fixed bug in tab closing mechanism that caused icons (play/pause) to not be set on the correct tree nodes
Added Feature to query and log off sessions on a remote machine and option to do this automatically
Added Option to show icon in system tray with connection menu
Changed controls to flat style as I think this fits the whole application more than the old 3D look
Multiple UI changes to eliminate annoying behaviour
Added Feature to specify which login information to use when no info is provided in the config of a remote machine
Fixed bug in Quick Find where trying to open a connection when no node was found caused an error
Fixed bug where the main form was not rendered correctly when hiding top bar and using XP Themes
Fixed bug in drag-drop routine that caused application to hang when trying to drop a node on one of it's child nodes
Fixed bug where taskbar buttons for fullscreen rdp windows did not disappear after disconnecting
Added new Save As Dialog with feature to only save specific connection settings
Added Option to display Tooltips when hovering over host entries in the connection tree
Added Option to ask at exit when there are open connections
Fixed bug where saving connections file with spaces in the root node caused an error -> updated Connection File Version to 0.5
Fixed bug in options tab where the browse button for a custom connection file didn't do anything
Added Options Tab
Load connections file from different location
Save/Don't Save connections file on exit
Show current tab name in window title
Added drag and drop functionality to the connections tree
Added feature to hide top bar
Added feature to send special keys (VNC)
Updated VncSharp Library to V0.88 (still pretty buggy)
Added feature to save connection settings to all connections in the selected container
Icon choosing bug fixed
Taskbar button had no text when in fullscreen - fixed
Fixed bug in Quick Connect GUI
Disabled "Display Wallpaper" and "Display Themes" checkboxes as these features are not implemented
Quick connect button bug fixed
Search field resize bug fixed
Splitter position is now saved on exit
Added new connections toolstrip (same functions as context menu)
Changed default color depth to 16bit
Added Keep Alive Interval (1 Minute)
Added Options to choose between RDP & VNC
Added Port Setting for RDP
Added Option to connect to console
Added Menu Entries to move Connections & Containers up & down
Some small code improvements