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Prepare CHANGELOG.TXT for release of 1.70 RC3.

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+1.70 (2013-03-07):
Fixed issue MR-339 - Connection group collapses with just one click
Fixed issue MR-340 - Object reference not set to an instance of an object.
Fixed issue MR-344 - Move "Always show panel tabs" option
Fixed issue MR-350 - VerifyDatabaseVersion (Config.Connections.Save) failed. Version string portion was too short or too long.
Fixed issue MR-355 - Moving sub folders to top level causes property loss
Fixed tabs not closing on double-click when the active tab is a PuTTY connection.
-1.70 (2013-02-25):
+1.70 Release Candidate 2 (2013-02-25):
Fixed issue MR-332 - Can't select different tab with one click after disconnecting existing tab
Fixed issue MR-338 - PuTTYNG crashing on fresh install of mRemoteNG
Re-enabled PuTTYNG integration enhancements on Windows 8

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