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Created script to update language files with translations from Crowdin.

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1 parent 66d3a83 commit 4b03e542d668e93b2d5c8da1839605da4745e6fb @rmcardle rmcardle committed Feb 24, 2012
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BIN Tools/SortRESX.exe
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43 Update Languages.cmd
@@ -0,0 +1,43 @@
+@echo off
+set ZIP_FILE="%~dp0\..\"
+set TEMP_FOLDER="%TEMP%\Translations.tmp"
+set SORTRESX="%~dp0\Tools\SortRESX.exe"
+set RAR="%ProgramFiles%\WinRAR\WinRAR.exe"
+call :expand %ZIP_FILE%
+goto :skip
+set ZIP_FILE="%~f1"
+exit /b
+echo This script updates the language files with new translations from Crowdin
+echo Download the latest translation file from Crowdin and place it here:
+echo %ZIP_FILE%
+choice /m "Would you like to continue?"
+mkdir %TEMP_FOLDER%
+%RAR% x -o+ %ZIP_FILE% *.* %TEMP_FOLDER%
+%SORTRESX% %TEMP_FOLDER%\de\ "%~dp0\mRemoteV1\Language\"
+%SORTRESX% %TEMP_FOLDER%\en-US\Language..resx "%~dp0\mRemoteV1\Language\Language.en-US.resx"
+%SORTRESX% %TEMP_FOLDER%\es-ES\ "%~dp0\mRemoteV1\Language\"
+%SORTRESX% %TEMP_FOLDER%\fr\ "%~dp0\mRemoteV1\Language\"
+%SORTRESX% %TEMP_FOLDER%\it\ "%~dp0\mRemoteV1\Language\"
+%SORTRESX% %TEMP_FOLDER%\nl\ "%~dp0\mRemoteV1\Language\"
+%SORTRESX% %TEMP_FOLDER%\ru\ "%~dp0\mRemoteV1\Language\"
+%SORTRESX% %TEMP_FOLDER%\uk\ "%~dp0\mRemoteV1\Language\"
+rmdir /s /q %TEMP_FOLDER%
+echo Done.

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