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Fix typo in CHANGELOG.TXT.

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rmcardle committed Feb 24, 2013
1 parent 84d3f7d commit 7c3a349bd612842d2ea336d85ecd3e7de48a43d3
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+1.70 (2013-02-22):
Fixed issue MR-183 - Error trying to save connections when using SQL - Invalid column name _parentConstantId
Fixed issue MR-225 - Tabs do not open in a panel until multiple panels are displayed.
Fixed issue MR-229 - Integrated PuTTY doesn't work in Windows 8 RP
@@ -6,7 +7,7 @@
Fixed issue MR-318 - Wrong tab gets selected when tab names overflow on the tab bar
Fixed issue MR-321 - New connection panel doesn't get panel header if its the only one or is moved
Fixed issue MR-322 - Connection Button not listing servers
- Added option to always show panel tabs
+ Added option to always show panel tabs.
Fixed "Decryption failed. Padding is invalid and cannot be removed." notification.
Fixed KiTTY opening in a separate window when using a saved session.

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