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sirrus and others added some commits May 14, 2010
@sirrus sirrus Changed/Fixed language based data
* Fixed some german grammer mistakes
* Changed some weird translations
* moved all language strings to resx files
* added missing translations
* removed old language classes
@sirrus sirrus Added still missing translations
Modified NSIS Installer and BUILD Script Versions to 1.64
@sirrus sirrus Language fixes
* fixed all enum translations
* replaced hardcoded strings with resx Resources
@sirrus sirrus More localization
* translated/moved more strings to resx
* resized Port Scan TextFields
@sirrus sirrus Even more localization
Changed button size in options/update check
@sirrus sirrus Refactoring and even more translations
* removed unneeded Imports
* renamed namespace to mRemoteNG
* changed Logfile path to %USERPROFILE%\AppData\Local\mRemoteNG\mRemoteNG.log
* fixed mRemoteNG.exe.config
* added more ignores to .gitignore
@sirrus sirrus More translations for Connections.Protocol.RDP.vb 6ab8bb4
@sirrus sirrus And even more translations 5e72647
@sirrus sirrus Fixed en-US resx Fallback to en-GB (default) a255d24
@sirrus sirrus Removed hardcoded switch to de-DE b1d40f2
@sirrus sirrus Removed scary CultureInfo switching and added a quickfix for mRemoteN…
…G namespace refactoring

ConfVersion was converted to an en-US numberformat by switching the CurrentCulture - this is not the best practice - replaced by ToString(new CultureInfo("en-US").

The refactoring done in commit e08c88db5ff13b2c66b0ae814ef435e7f60542d0 resulted in an unusable pnlLayout.xml (panel persistence) file. Added a quickfix to convert that file.
@sirrus sirrus NSIS script translations ee70bea
@sirrus sirrus More translations in App.Runtime, changed logfile syntax 687fe28
@sirrus sirrus Translation of quick connect added / and used consequently 16e2c92
@sirrus sirrus Changed some spelling errors, modified some translations 4bd4a60
@sirrus sirrus Prepared installer translations dc7460c
@sirrus sirrus Reorganized installer script
All language based settings reside inside of Installer\Language folder and will be included by Installer\Language\languages.nsi
@sirrus sirrus Bugfixes in rdgateway inheritance, new translations, rewrite of inher…
…itance / exclusion

* some more translations
* rdgateway inheritance implemented and fixed
* inheritance / exclusion of properties rewritten to use a list instead of string to array
  * this fixes some bugs that occured due to missing semicolons
@sirrus sirrus Rewrite of new configuration creation to vb code
* Translation of Connections and New Connections
@sirrus sirrus Removed some strings for inheritance - rewritten to use string.format 98293c9
@sirrus sirrus Bugfix - Inheritance for InheritRDGatewayUseConnectionCredentials was…
… not loaded with conf.Load
@sirrus sirrus Translation of PuTTY Settings 45b8e5c
@sirrus sirrus Bufix Gecko Translation bd6c07e
@sirrus sirrus Added RDP Reconnection Count Setting and fixed TabIndexes of Connecti…
…on options page
@rmcardle rmcardle Fixed build script to properly create ZIP files. Added progress messa…
…ges to build script.
@sirrus sirrus Some fixes on german resources and notes. 526412b
@sirrus sirrus Update WeifenLuo WinFormsUI Docking library to version 2.5 RC1 2a112d1
@sirrus sirrus Bugfix: RDP protocol string missing 7353852
@sirrus sirrus Bugfix build script merge 9cf6086
@sirrus sirrus Tab and Shift-Tab to cycle through property grid entries 661c930
@sirrus sirrus Enabled and fixed Tab and Shift-Tab key combination in PropertyGrid 00f1468
@sirrus sirrus Debug infos only for Debug Config 69b4633
@sirrus sirrus Code optimization and bugfix #22 5b0ba26
@sirrus sirrus Allow pre and post extApp for integrated Apps 2f296d6
@sirrus sirrus Weifen Luo should be mentioned on the about page
Default Panel is now translated and no longer set in app.config
@sirrus sirrus Bugfix Weifen Luo should not show up with crownwood link 94aa535
@rmcardle rmcardle closed this Apr 1, 2011
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