@mremoteng-jenkins mremoteng-jenkins released this Dec 8, 2017 · 343 commits to develop since this release

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#799: Added option to save connections on every edit
#798: Added button to test SQL database connections on SQL options page
#784: Rearranged some settings in the Options pages to prevent overlap with some translations
#704: Portable version now saves settings in application directory
#671: Revamped UI theme system
#611: Added multi-ssh toolbar for sending commands to many SSH clients at once
#558: Connection tree now shows customizable icons instead of play/pause icon
#504: Added Korean translation
#485: The Domain field is now visible/editable for connection with the IntApp protocol
#468: Default connection info Panel property is now saved
#429: Added Czech translation
#421: When a connection file cannot be loaded, we will now prompt for how to proceed rather than always exiting.
#338: Added option to filter connection tree when searching
#357: Updated GeckoFX to v45.45.0.32
#225: Added support for importing Remote Desktop Connection Manager v2.7 RDG files
#207: Can now specify a working directory for external tools
#197: Selecting a quick connect protocol will start a connection with that host
#184: Improve search to include description and hostname fields
#152: Added option "Show on Toolbar" to external tools
Added more logging/notifications options


#747: Fixed unnecessary "PuttySessions.Watcher.StartWatching" error message
#650: Fixed German translation typo
#639: Fixed Italian translation typo
#479: New connection tree nodes not starting in edit mode
#233: Fixed crash that can occur when disconnecting from VNC server
#195: Access to https with self-signed certificates not working

General Changes:

#797: Removed duplicate translation strings
#608: The Help -> Support Forum menu item now directs users to our Reddit community
#493: Changed backup file name time stamp to use local system time rather than UTC
Improved compatability between environments when building mRemoteNG from source