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  • #1414: Add "Remote Audio Capture" option for RDP
  • #1336: Added ability to run External tools on folders
  • #1320: Added ability to favorite items in the connection tree
  • #1318: Added support for saving connections in MySQL
  • #1293: Importing .rdp files now imports gateway settings
  • #1246: Improved connections loading to tolerate missing attributes in the confCons xml file
  • #1230: Added option to track the currently focused connection in the connection tree
  • #1220: Added an Apple/Mac connection icon
  • #1218: A splashscreen has been added when mRemoteNG starts
  • #1216: Connection tree search bar can be placed at the top or bottom of connection tree
  • #1201: The help files packaged with mRemoteNG have been rewritten
  • #1186: Certain dialogs are not correctly using localized text for buttons
  • #1170: The Options window no longer displays in the Windows taskbar when open
  • #1141: 'Copy Hostname' option added to connection tree context menu
  • #1123: Added a dialog that will display when unhandled exceptions occur
  • #1102: Added a button to clear connections searchbox
  • #1042: Added a connection icon for OSX/MacOS
  • #951: Added property to Enable/Disable Clipboard Sharing for RDP connections
  • #929: Added the hostname to certain RDP error/disconnect messages where it was missing
  • #928: Add context menu items to 'Close all but this' and 'Close all tabs to the right'
  • #907: Added option to disable trimming whitespace from username field
  • #896: Added a "view only" mode for RDP connections
  • #416: Added ability to Enable/Disable Clipboard Sharing for RDP connections
  • #321: Added support for displaying on HiDPI screens


  • #1389: Connection config window refactoring. Default connection info buttons now always available.
  • #1223: Open External Links in Default Web Browser
  • #1129: Spanish translation improvements
  • #1072: Russian translation improvements
  • #1016: Chinese (simplified) translation improvements
  • #765: Port Scan Issues (single port scan option now available)
  • #155: Replace MagicLibrary with DockPanelSuite
  • #154: MR-139: Close Button on Each Tab - new default theme has a close button on each tab


  • #1383: Fixed issue where default Computer OU was not showing up when importing from Active Directory
  • #1248: RemoveMagicLib Bugs - various bugs that cropped up as a result of removing magiclib
  • #1245: Options form takes nearly 3 seconds to appear when Theming is active
  • #1240: Theming problem with NGNumericUpDown
  • #1238: Connection panel not translated until opened for the first time
  • #1186: Fixed several dialog boxes to use localized button text
  • #1170: Prevent Options window from showing up in taskbar
  • #1064: "Esc" button does does not close some dialogs
  • #1044: Dragging (grabbing) the program window requires 2 clicks