Creating Connections

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Right click the root item (the blue ball labeled "Connections") in the Connections panel and select "Add Connection".

A new item shows up under the root item. You can give it a name now (or rename it later). I just named mine "Test".

Now have a look at the Config panel in the bottom left, just under the Connections panel.

As you may notice this is where you configure all the properties of connections and folders. There are a lot of values that can be set but for our first connection we will keep things simple.

The most important things right now are that we tell the application which host we want to connect to and which protocol we want to use. In this example I will use a Windows 2003 server that has RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol) enabled. As RDP is the default protocol whenever you create a new connection I don't have to change anything there.

The next thing I'll do is to fill the Hostname/IP field with the hostname I want to connect to.

I'll also fill the Username and Password fields so I will be automatically logged on to the server.

Ok, that's it, we are ready for our first connection test.

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