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A Zabbix Template for RapidRecovery Cores.


The purpose of this template is to provide basic insights into the status of a Quest Rapid Recovery core in your system.

Versioning Notes

Originally, this template was written for an older version of Rapid Recovery. Since then, the OIDS used to define Repositories and Protected Agents has changed. A newer template, known working on Rapid Recovery, has been created and uploaded. The older template with old OIDs still is present (..._legacy.xml). At this time, I don't know exactly when the OIDs changed.

If you want to know which to use, query your RapidRecovery instance. If you get results at OID ., use the new version of the template. If you get results at OID, use the legacy version.


  • General Repository Health Info
  • Protected Agents
    • How many Recovery Points
    • Last protection time
    • State & Status of Replication


By utilizing the standard Quest .MIB file that is included with RR instances, we will use SNMPv1 to query date from the server. Use the standard {$SNMP_COMMUNITY} for authentication to the device.

NOTE: By default, SNMP handling on RapidRecovery Cores is disabled. This must be enabled, and ports (Default UDP/8161) opened on the firewall.

Known Issues

  • The Web Scenario that is included with the template does not authenticate properly. A simple requirement for the scenario at this point is simply to expect a 401 Unauth. Not ideal, therefore no triggers are configured for the canned Web Scenario.


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