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Woolz Internet Imaging Protocol (IIP) Server

($Id$) 2013

The Woolz Internet Imaging Protocol (IIP) Server (WlzIIPSrv) extends
the {IIP} and was forked from the IIP Server of Ruven Pillay (IIPSrv).
The extensions allow section views of 3D Woolz objects with multiple

Some features of the extensions are:

* Greyscale, colour and multichannel 3D image support.
* Section views of 3D images that may be defined by cutting plane angles,
  a fixed point, a fixed line, a distance and a viewing mode.
* 3D image queries.
* Efficient sparse 3D image and domain representation.
* Very large 3D images (eg > 100GB per image) may be served from a standard
  Linux server (eg 1 CPU, 16GB RAM, SATA disks).
* An arbitrary number of image overlay domains.
* Selection and composition of overlay domains.
* Image processing operations.
* Image thresholding and image value remapping.
* Transparent PNG tiles.

Documentation is available in the doc directory:

* manual/wlziipsrv.pdf     Manual documenting the extensions and the server
* README.iip               The original IIPSrv README file.
* code                     Doxygen documentation.

Examples of WlzIIPSrv in use:


A quick overview of building the server (see manual for details):

* Download, build and install External and Woolz from, see their README files for how to do this.
* Copy, edit and then execute the script
* Copy the fcgi server to your fcgi bin directory.

To build the code documentation use:
  make docs