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OpenMemories: App List

The list of Android apps installable on

How to add your own

Edit apps.yaml and send us a pull request.

Syntax of apps.yaml

# This yaml file contains a document for every app. Separate them with 3 dashes
# (---). The order of app definitions doesn't matter, so please group them by
# author.

package: # Required. IMPORTANT: This has to be equal to the
                            # package attribute in your app manifest
name: My App                # Required. The display name of the app
author: me                  # The name of the author
desc: A cool little app     # A short description
homepage: # Where to find more information about the app

# The release section is required. It specifies where your app can be
# downloaded. There are several options:

# If your app is on github and the apk can be found in the releases section:
  # We will search for the newest release which has an apk asset.
  # IMPORTANT: The release's title has to be equal to the version attribute in
  # your app manifest. Add other information to the description.
  type: github
  # the two following 2 properties are used to construct the repo's url:
  user: me
  repo: my-cool-repo

# If you want to host the apks yourself:
  # Please host a yaml file together with your apk to describe the app version
  # (see more below). This will allow you to release new versions without
  # sending pull requests every time.
  type: yaml

If you host the apks on your own server, please add a yaml file listing the apks available for download. Update it every time you release a new version of your app. The syntax of this file:

# This file would be available at

# You can add several app versions to this file (separate them with 3 dashes).
# IMPORTANT: The newest release has to be on top.
# Please use a different url for every new apk you upload.

version: "1.0"                      # Required. IMPORTANT: This has to be equal
                                    # to the version attribute in your app
                                    # manifest.
url:  # Required. An absolute url to the apk file.
                                    # The filename should contain the app's
                                    # version.
date: 2000-01-01T00:00:00Z          # The release date
desc: Fixed a few bugs              # A short description of this release