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OpenMemories: Framework

Build Android apps for your favorite Sony camera.

How to use

  1. Add the framework to your dependencies. Add this to your build.gradle:

    repositories {
        maven { url "" }
    dependencies {
        compile 'com.github.ma1co.OpenMemories-Framework:framework:-SNAPSHOT'
        // If you need direct access to the Sony APIs, you can add this line, too:
        provided 'com.github.ma1co.OpenMemories-Framework:stubs:-SNAPSHOT'
  2. Build your app (see PMCADemo for an example)

  3. Test it in the emulator

  4. Install it on your camera using PMCA-RE


This is a wrapper framework around Sony specific classes. For every Sony feature, an additional dummy implementation is provided. This allows you to test your app on any Android device / emulator.

This framework is still under development. Most wrappers aren't available yet.

See the Javadoc for more information.


Access information about your device (model name, serial number, firmware version, etc).

import com.github.ma1co.openmemories.framework.DeviceInfo;
String serialNumber = DeviceInfo.getInstance().getSerialNumber();


Get the current date and time.

import com.github.ma1co.openmemories.framework.DateTime;
java.util.Calendar currentTime = DateTime.getInstance().getCurrentTime();


Access information about the device's displays.

import com.github.ma1co.openmemories.framework.DisplayManager;
DisplayManager displayManager = DisplayManager.create(getApplicationContext());
int displayWidth = displayManager.getActiveDisplayInfo().width;


Query the images on the memory card.

import com.github.ma1co.openmemories.framework.ImageInfo;
import com.github.ma1co.openmemories.framework.MediaManager;
MediaManager mediaManager = MediaManager.create(getApplicationContext());
Cursor cursor = mediaManager.queryNewestImages();
while (cursor.moveToNext()) {
    ImageInfo info = mediaManager.getImageInfo(cursor);
    String filename = info.getFilename();