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A Dark Theme for IDLE
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A Dark Theme for IDLE

How it looks

image of example code

Installation (for Linux)

  1. Download the repository

  2. a) Copy the code of the file 'config-highlight.cfg' to '/home/$USER/.idlerc/config-highlight.cfg'.

    b) If it does not exist, open the terminal and type

    touch /home/$USER/.idlerc/config-highlight.cfg

    Then type

    nano /home/$USER/.idlerc/config-highlight.cfg

    and copy the code of the downloaded 'config-highlight.cfg' into the file. Save it, close it, and you are ready.

  3. Open IDLE and head to the settings by clicking on 'Options / Configure IDLE', then move to the 'Highlights' tab, choose 'a Custom Theme' and select 'Moonlight-Dark-Theme'.

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