An apple script to fix Egyptian mobile phone(vodafone, mobinil, etisalat) numbers in address box
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This script fixes the Egyptian numbers in your address book by adding an extra digit to comply with new regulations 
The scripts adds a new phone numbes and leaves the old number intact ( this is important to maintain your sms history) 

The new digits will be according to the following rules 

012 xxx xxxx  -> 0122 xxx xxxx
017 xxx xxxx  -> 0127 xxx xxxx
018 xxx xxxx  -> 0128 xxx xxxx
0150 xxx xxxx -> 0120 xxx xxxx

011 xxx xxxx  -> 0111 xxx xxxx
014 xxx xxxx  -> 0114 xxx xxxx
0152 xxx xxxx -> 0112 xxx xxxx

010 xxx xxxx  -> 0100 xxx xxxx
016 xxx xxxx  -> 0106 xxx xxxx
019 xxx xxxx  -> 0109 xxx xxxx
0151 xxx xxxx -> 0101 xxx xxxx

to run the script
1- Open the address book 
2- Select the contacts you want to update 
3- Run the script