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This is a Stremio add-on for , beeg..

It is a php and apache app and can be run on major free hosting service.

Demo :


  • Includes custom Configuration for most of the things.
  • Includes Home Feed of on discover tab of stremio and various other tags of beeg which can be configured before deploying.
  • Supports Docker Installation.
  • Searching in catalog.
  • Caching the requests in file cache.
  • Since its php and apache app can be deployed on any free hosting with cloudflare to support free ssl.
  • Includes Procfile to support heroku. So can be deployed on heroku.
  • Custom cache time for feed and meta content.

Deploying with Docker (preferred for localhost)

To Run on Docker Container

git clone
cd beeg-stremio-addon
docker build -t beeg-stremio .
docker run --name beegs -d -p 80:80 beeg-stremio

To Stop the container

docker stop beegs

Deploying on other free hosts

Preffered host Infinityfree as it supports clouflare in its cpanel. (tested)

  • Download the files from github as zip and extract it on the the server using ftp or file manager in cpanel.


  • Includes a config.php to config the default variables before setup.
  • cache_status to define cacahe status.
  • cache_path to define file cache path.
  • cache_catalog_ttl expire time for catalog feeds cache and also valid for genres.
  • catalog_catalog_ttl expire time for meta of cahe streams.
  • $tags_catalog array which determines the number of tags for the feeds on discover and board of stremio app.
  • And other basic manifest variables can also be configured from config.php

Known Issues

  • Video Streams won't work on browser version of stremio due to preventing forgery of videos due to referrer header.
  • Include vendor folder due to docker issues doesn't require composer install.





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