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Untitled Deck Game


A mix of Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories, One Step From Eden, and Titan Souls.

Using the action combat style with cards from One Step From Eden, but not constrained by tiles, similar to Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories (but no random encounters). Focused on big boss fights like Titan Souls, rather than lots of little fights and exploration - although there is some little fights and exploration to allow finding materials to craft cards and build decks.

The concept is that you have to theory-craft decks to make it easier to fight the big bosses, tailoring the deck to each encounter.



I did have some idea that it would be a robot lost in an abandoned old world similar to Nier: Automata/BLAME!, with the cards being new circuits it can socket to get new abilities - and trying to either restore some hope to the world or find out what happened, or a bit of both. But I'm not too invested in this. I'll work on the story more after the core gameplay loop is complete and basic features are there.


Loot the environment and enemies to collect cards and parts for cards, to build a deck, to then use to do real time action combat.


  • Arrow keys - Move
  • A/D - Swap cards
  • Left Shift - Sprint
  • S - Use card
  • E - Interact, for example loot glowing items in the Environment
  • Q/Escape - Open/Close Menu
    • Enter - While in Menu, selects Option (only Exit works at the moment)

Current cards

  • HP Potion - Heals you
  • Chest - Does nothing currently
  • Slash - Weak close range melee attack that strikes in front of you and above and below
  • Manastorm - Medium strength ranged magic attack consisting of 4 or 5 bullets


Requires LÖVE to be installed, follow the instruction on their website.

git clone
cd deck-game
love .

The used vendor plugins are in ./vendor. Any alterations that have been made will be highlighted here or in code with comments.


cd deck-game
zip -9 -r .
cat love.exe > DeckGame.exe

Then put DeckGame.exe in the folder love.exe came from, with the .dll files.



Some free placeholders currently from

Features and Roadmap

  • Rendering Tiled maps
  • Interactive items from Tiled maps data
  • Basic player movement and collisions with maps
  • Allow players to pickup/interact with items placed in Tiled maps
  • Camera system
    • Gamera - Changed to this one
    • Hump - includes other things
    • STALKER-X - Tried this one but the canvas stuff made things difficult and it didn't play nice with lighting systems
  • Fog of war/visibility system
  • Player animations
  • Player inventory system
  • Enemies
    • Basic enemies
    • Enemy movement
    • Enemy animation
    • Enemy attack patterns
    • Enemy drop tables
  • Card combat system
  • Lighting system
  • Menu system
  • Deck crafting system
  • Map animations
  • Save games
  • Fancier boss mechanics
  • Achievements
  • Discord rich presence (maybe this)
  • Twitch/Stream integrations
  • Steam integration


A game built with Lua and LÖVE - about using cards to beat bosses.