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An ASP.NET MVC SiteMapProvider implementation for the ASP.NET MVC framework.

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What can it be used for?

MvcSiteMapProvider is, as the name implies, an ASP.NET MVC SiteMapProvider implementation for the ASP.NET MVC framework. Targeted at ASP.NET MVC 2, it provides sitemap XML functionality and interoperability with the classic ASP.NET sitemap controls, like the SiteMapPath control for rendering breadcrumbs and the Menu control.

Based on areas, controller and action method names rather than hardcoded URL references, sitemap nodes are completely dynamic based on the routing engine used in an application. The dynamic character of ASP.NET MVC is followed in the MvcSiteMapProvider: there are numerous extensibility points that allow you to extend the basic functionality offered.


See the documentation

Get it on NuGet!

Install-Package MvcSiteMapProvider


MS-PL License

Building the source

After cloning the repository, run build.cmd.

MvcSiteMapProvider used the psake build engine to build the project. Psake is a Powershell based engine and if it is the first time you execute powershell scripts on your system you may need to allow script execution by running the following command as adminstrator:

Set-ExecutionPolicy unrestricted


The downloads page features an example application. The example code is all based on the excellent ASP.NET MVC Music Store sample application by Jon Galloway.

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