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All community themes in one repository
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All community themes in one repository

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Theme Credits Variable
Amoled lance36 posted Amoled Theme amoled
Christmas moose517 posted Christmas Theme christmas
Dark Cyan broesie posted Dark Cyan Theme dark_cyan
Dark Orange Bram_Kragten posted Orange Theme dark_orange
Dark Red broesie posted Dark Red Theme dark_red
Another Dark lambtho posted Another Dark Theme dark
Halloween skalavala posted Halloween Theme halloween
Material Dark matust posted Material dark theme material_dark_green
Material Dark Red 95gabor posted Material dark red theme material_dark_red
Midnight marcelhoffs posted Midnight Theme midnight
Grey Night ksya posted Grey Night theme night
Solarized Light snwtoy posted Solarized Light theme solarized_light
Sublimination MikaelSchultz posted Sublimination Theme sublimination
Black and Green GreenTurtwig posted Black and Green Theme teal
Vintage surendran.anup posted Vintage Theme vintage

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Clone this repository in your existing (or create it) themes/ folder.

cd themes/
git clone

Or using submodules:

cd themes/
git submodule add

Add the following code to your configuration.yaml file.

  ... # your configuration.
  themes: !include_dir_merge_named themes
  ... # your configuration.
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