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Slides Customization

slides allows you to customize your presentation's look and feel with metadata at the top of your (thanks to @cuducos)

This section is entirely optional, slides will use sensible defaults if this section or any field in the section is omitted.

theme: ./path/to/theme.json
author: Gopher
date: January 2, 2006
paging: Slide %d / %d

theme: Path to json file containing a glamour theme, can also be a link to a remote json file which slides will fetch before presenting.
author: A string to display on the bottom-left corner of the presentation view. Defaults to the OS current user's full name. Can be empty to hide the author.
date: A string that is used to format today's date in the form 2006-01-02. If the date is not a valid form of 2006-01-02 the contents of the string will be displayed. Defaults to 2006-01-02.
paging: A string that contains 0 or more %d directives. The first %d will be replaced with the current slide number and the second %d will be replaced with the total slides count. Defaults to Slide %d / %d.

Other changes

  • Added: lua support to code blocks execution
  • Bug fix: Ordered lists now respect the first number as a starting point.
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