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class Queue():
@description: This class defines several methods for Queue.
def __init__(self):
# defining a list which will act as queue container
self.myqueue = []
def size(self):
# returns the size of the queue
return len(self.myqueue)
def is_empty(self):
# checks whether the queue is empty or not
if self.size() > 0:
return False
return True
def enqueue(self, item):
# enqueue a item to the defined queue
# insert(0, item) will insert "item" to the 0th position of the defined
# list
return self.myqueue.append(item)
def dequeue(self):
# dequeue an item from defined queue
if self.is_empty():
print("Sorry, the queue is empty.")
return self.myqueue.pop(0)
def main():
# defining the main function for the queue
q = Queue()
# q is an object of Queue class
while True:
print("1. Enqueue \n2. Dequeue \n3. Show \n4. Quit")
print("\nWhat do you wanna do now?")
case = int(input())
# starting something, equivalent to Switch statement in C/C++
if case == 1:
# in this case, we will call our enqueue method
print("Input item, you wanna enqueue:")
item = input()
print("Congrats!", item, "has been enqueued.")
elif case == 2:
# in this case, we will call our dequeue method
if q.is_empty():
print("Sorry, the queue is empty.")
print(q.dequeue(), "has been dequeued.")
elif case == 3:
# in this case, we will print the current condition of our queue
if q.is_empty():
print("Sorry, the queue is empty.")
print("The current condition of our queue:",
elif case == 4:
# in this case, we will quit our script
print("The script is gonna quit.")
print("Oops! Wrong Choice.")
if __name__ == "__main__":
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