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Alphred for Alfred 2 Workflow

Alphred is a Distraction-free Alfred 2 posting Workflow, so you can just post your thoughts to [] without launching any apps, and while running any other application. Simply type adn followed by your post.

How to Use Alphred


  • Download Alphred.
  • Open the workflow file, to install it directly to Alfred 2 (Powerpack license is required for Workflows).


  • Alphred needs to be authenticated the first time only, or if the token is revoked from the settings.
  • To authenitcate Alphred, run the following command into Alfred 2: adnauth user:<username> pass:<password>
  • Where <username> is username and <password> is the equivalent password.
  • had introduced the Two Factor Authentication for increased security. If you had this enabled for your profile, then you need to use an App-specific password for <password>.
  • Alphred should send a notification to confirm that it is now authenticated and ready.
  • All set! Let's have fun.



  • To post to, all you have to do is to launch Alfred and then type: adn <post>
  • <post> represents what you need to say to Simple isn't it.

Private Message

  • To send PM to different recepients you have to launch Alfred, then type: adnpm @username1 @username2 <PM can include other @username3>
  • This will send a PM to username1 and username2 the PM PM can include other @username3. No PM or notification will be sent to username3.


  • In order to follow Mass users, you need to launch Alfred, then type: adnf @username1 @username2
  • This will follow both users username1 and username2.
  • A notification will be displayed with how many users are followed and the number of issues faced while following the others.

Sharing Browsers active page

  • This feature allows you share your Google Chrome or Safari active page on directly.
  • Simply launch Alfred, then type: adnshare <comment>
  • Alfred will show you two choices to share either:
    1. Google Chrome Active tab
    2. Safari Active tab
  • Only the running browsers will be displayed.
  • Select the required choice, this will post to <comment> [*Windows Title*](URL)

Uploading a File to

  • Simply launch Alfred.
  • Search for any file normaly from Alfred.
  • Open file actions.
  • Select Upload to
  • This should create a new private file to your files.

Share file to a post

  • This will embed any file already uploaded to your files storage to a new post.
  • Simply launch Alfred, then type: adnfile <post>
  • In case of Images, an MD link will be added to the end of post, as a failsafe to clients that do not support embedded files.

Share iTunes playing song

  • Launch Alfred, then type: adnplay <comment>
  • Alfred will post the following to #NowPlaying <track_name> -- <track_artist> -- <track_album> -- <comment>

General Options

  • You can run adnauth anytime, to get a new token.
  • You can always use Markdown style links, in order to add entities links to you post.


Alphred 2.6

  • Added share playing music function adnplay.
  • Fixed bug where links were not parsed correctly, hence were posted like normal text.

Alphred 2.5

  • Added a new File Action in Alfred to Upload to
  • Added a share file to post adnfile. File will be embedded into a post.
  • Many Bug Fixes.

NB. You will need to Reauthenticate Alphred to access the new files features

Alphred 2.0

  • Added Safari support for Sharing Browser page feature adnshare.
  • Added Commenting to Sharing Browser page feature.
  • Fixed some issues with posts contain double quotes and single quotes.
  • Removed Cmd+Enter to trigger Alphred.

Alphred 2b1

  • Added Markdown links support for posting with entities links.
  • Added Mass PM support.
  • Added Mass Follow support.
  • Added Sharing Browser page support.
  • Added Cmd+Enter to trigger Alphred instead of Enter.

Alphred 1.0

  • Initial release.
  • Added distraction-free posting to through Alfred 2 workflows.