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A mabl bamboo plugin
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mabl Bamboo Plugin

This plugin allows easy launching of mabl journeys as a step in your Bamboo build. Your Bamboo build success or failure will be dependant on the success or failure of your mabl test deployment event.


  1. Within Bamboo, from any plan's Configure tasks page, add a new task
  2. Select A Mabl Deployment task
  3. Input the ApiKey and unselect the field, this will populate the Environment and Application drop-downs
  4. Select at least 1 environment or application to proceed
  5. Hit Save
  6. Enable the task and the plan

Select Mabl Deployment

Input Configuration

Now builds from this plan will trigger Mabl test plan executions of the chosen configuration.

Proxy Settings

This plugin respects outbound proxy settings you have configured for your server as described in Atlassian's instructions.


From the marketplace

See the Atlassian Docs about installing from the marketplace.

Building from source and running locally

Install the Atlassian SDK

  1. Clone this repo && cd into it
  2. Build this repo by running atlas-mvn package
  3. atlas-run and visit the provided url
[INFO] bamboo started successfully in 119s at http://$USER:6990/bamboo
[INFO] Type Ctrl-D to shutdown gracefully
[INFO] Type Ctrl-C to exit

Building from source and running in docker container

Grab this container docker pull atlassian/bamboo-server Run these commands

docker volume create --name bambooVolume`
docker run -v bambooVolume:/var/atlassian/application-data/bamboo --name="bamboo" --init -d -p 54663:54663 -p 8085:8085 atlassian/bamboo-server
docker start bamboo
docker ps

then visit localhost:8085

IDE setup

You'll need to follow here to setup your IDE to use atlas-mvn


You'll want to test this in the context of atlas-run and in a container as the way urls are built are different between the two.


  1. Merge code into master and push
  2. Run atlas-mvn clean install
  3. Run atlas-mvn release:prepare This will update pom.xml with new version and tag the relase with current version minus -SNAPSHOT
  4. Run atlas-mvn release:perform

Manual Deployment

  1. Merge code into master and push
  2. Run atlas-mvn clean install
  3. Upload the resulting target/bamboo-plugin-$VERSION.jar to the atlassian marketplace Make sure your version doesn't include -SNAPSHOT if you're uploading manually. Uploading will require an admin to the mablhq Atlassian vendor account.
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