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A CSS3 HTML5 audio player with a circular seekable progress bar and complete fallback
Latest commit 4ca1bb5 Oct 2, 2012 @maboa Merge pull request #11 from happyworm/master
Fixed IE8 CSS error and updated libs.


CirclePlayer is a demo intended to showcase the jQuery HTML5 Media Library jPlayer

Try the latest version.

Uses HTML5 Audio, CSS3 Transforms (transform:rotate) hooks provided by :

A full browser fallback is planned, jPlayer provides the Flash HTML5 Audio fallback and the idea is to use a sprite map to display progress in non CSS3 compliant browsers. could be used to check CSS3 transform:rotate compliance.

Possibilities exist to enhance the demo with for supporting browsers.

Note the progress bar will not function correctly in Opera 11 due to a JIT compiler bug in the Opera browser :

The demo's current look is heavily inspired by

Thanks to Jussi Kalliokoski for contributing.

CirclePlayer is dual-licensed under the GPL and MIT licenses

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