Parser of VHDL into lisp-expressions
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Parser of VHDL (VHSIC Hardware Description Language) into very low-level s-exp representation. Can be used as a basis for simulators/synthetizers.

To be actually useful, must be complemented with the following:

  • emitter from low-level s-exp back to VHDL source text.
  • hi-level s-exp syntax, that is more convenient than the low-level one and allows for incremental compilation of parts of the design.

Main functions are VHDL-PARSE and PARSE-VHDL-FILE

(vhdl-parse 'design-file str) ; will parse a string, containing VHDL source
(parse-vhdl-file "example.vhd") ; will parse a VHDL file

TODO: -- now, when parsing fails (usually, due to some minor discrepancy in a file), error message is completely non-illuminating. The reason is, right now error reporting in ESRAP-LIQUID is not good. You may help a lot by designing a better one.

For examples, see tests.lisp