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Prototype for saving Graphite data from Kafka into Parquet

See blog post for motivation and more details.



Getting Graphite data into Kafka:

nc -4l localhost 2003 | kafkacat -P -b localhost -t metrics -K ' '

It feeds all data received on localhost:2003 into topic metrics with metric name as message key and value timestamp as a payload.

Saving data from Kafka into Parquet files

sbt -mem <jvmMemorySize> "run <topic> <partition> <offset> <fetchSize> <targetFolder>"


  • topic - topic name which contains messages with metric_name as key and value timestamp payload from graphite plaintext protocol
  • partition - partition number
  • offset - number of messages to skip from the beginning
  • fetchSize - (bytes) maximum size of data to fetch from kafka
  • targetFolder - path where to save Parquet files
  • jvmMemorySize - maximum memory for JVM (-Xmx argument), must be at least 3 times larger than fetchSize.

Parquet files will have name $topic-$partition-$offset-$nextOffset.parquet under targetFolder

nextOffset from file name is intended to be used as offset for subsequent invocations to save next batch of data.


sbt -mem 2048 "run metrics 0 0 500000000 /tmp"