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Experimental bridge between RabbitMQ and Redis implemented as a RabbitMQ plugin.
This plugin moves messages between RabbitMQ and Redis Pub/Sub ( using erldis.
It was inspired by RabbitMQ-shovel and shares the same idea with the exception
that it connects Redis pub/sub channels to RabbitMQ queues or exchanges.
For building see instructions at:
The plugin is configured using rabbitmq.config file that has a structure
like this:
[{rabbit, [rabbit-settings]},
{rabbit_redis, [rabbitmq-redis-plugin-settings]}
Example of rabbitmq.config with rabbitmq-redis plugin:
[{bridges, [
% subscribes to redis channel "foo" and publishes all received messages
% to rabbitmq exchange "quux" with routing_key equals to redis channel ("foo")
[{name, subsribe_bridge},
{type, subscribe},
{redis, [{host, "localhost"},
{port, 6379},
{channels, [<<"foo">>]}]},
{rabbit, [{declarations, [{'exchange.declare',
[{exchange, <<"quux">>},
{publish_fields, [{exchange, <<"quux">>}]}]}],
% consumes messages from rabbitmq queue "foo" and publishes them
% to redis channel with name equals to message routing_key
[{name, publish_bridge},
{type, publish},
{redis, [{host, "localhost"},
{port, 6379}]},
{rabbit, [{declarations, [{'queue.declare',
[{queue, <<"foo">>},
{bindings, [{'queue.bind',
[{queue, <<"foo">>},
{exchange, <<"quux">>},
{routing_key, <<"foo">>}]}]},
{queue, <<"foo">>}]}]
Note that this configuration will create short-circuit for messages
in queue "foo" making them bounce between rabbit and redis infinitely.
- handle redis connection failures
- handle rabbit channel flow events
- support psubscribe redis command
- consider merging with rabbitmq-shovel