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XDebug Helper for Safari

Debugging, profiling and tracing PHP code with Xdebug is very powerful, but enabling Xdebug with cookies or adding POST/GET variables is way too hard. This extension will help you to enable/disable debugging, profiling and tracing of your PHP-code easily.

How to install this extension?

Stable version: Go to the Safari Extension Gallery and look for "Xdebug Helper" in the "Developer" category.

Alternatively, download the latest version and open the file to install it in Safari.

Development version: Download the source from GitHub and load the extension into the extensionbuilder yourself so you can install it from there. Note that you need your own Safari Developer Program certificate to sign the extension.

How do I contribute?

A: Submit issues and ideas

B: Submit a pull request

  1. Fork this repo and create a branch
  2. Commit and push your changes to your branch
  3. When you're happy send us a pull request!

Pro-tip: Make sure to build upon the latest version of the code and keep pull request as small as possible. This makes your pull request easy to merge.


The code of this project is licensed under the MIT license so you can use it in nearly every project you want to, commercial and non-commercial.

The icons used are the famous Famfamfam icons from Mark James licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 License.

The name "Wrep" and all of the Wrep trademarks, slogans, text or logo representation used or referred in this project are the property of Wrep and may not be used in any way without written permission by Wrep. So please remove our logo, name, icons and slogans from any fork you make, especially if you want to publish your own version somewhere.


Easily activate PHP debugging, profiling and tracing with this Xdebug Safari extension




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